Supreme Laws: Life and Death Laws

Hello there earthlings,

Today, I will try to describe the Supreme Laws of Life and Death.
Life and Death Laws, are a set of combination laws, that can be separated into two top-tier laws, namely the Life Laws, and Death Laws. (albeit, most beings in the multi-verse consider them, Supreme Laws by default)
The Laws of Life, pertain the living beings, their birth, fertility, and health.
One who learnt the Laws of Life, could very well touch upon Creation itself, which is a complicated branch of Life Laws, but most common uses of this law are in Healing, Regenerating, and achieving boundless vitality, or early immortality. (this immortality is achieved through Laws, and not through energy upgrade of state of being)
The Laws of Death, pertain the life of living beings, how it ends, and destruction/end of all matter.
One who learnt the Laws of Death, could very well touch upon Destruction itself, which is a complicated branch of Death Laws, but most common uses of this law are in Killing, Slaughtering, Resurrection, and creation of undead creatures.
Now, the Laws of Life and Death, are the laws that pertain the connection between the two base level laws, and they can connect, and transform one law to another.
As it’s commonly known, that “The Heavens are fair”, and they always leave a spark of hope, this is interpreted as there is always a bit of Life in Death, and Death in Life.
There is a saying that you can’t enjoy life if you know you can’t die, and you can only despair if death is the only thing you know.
With this connection, one who masters the Laws of Life and Death, can give Life to the dead, but also can take Life from the living, transforming them into dead beings.
The most extreme use of these laws, are the interchange of Life and Death, making one almost completely invulnerable and immortal. (Immortality exists, and is widespread among high level life forms, but it’s purely the aspect of not aging, and not falling ill, being killed, poisoned by certain means is totally possible)
Mastering this set of laws, could let one to be able to revive, even from just the memories someone got of them, while on the offensive part, one could use the energy of others, as weapon against them.
This means, one could very well, eradicate entire realms, by simply exchanging the life-force in living beings, into death energy/death essence (different from the undead energy), which would most likely kill all those below True Deity stage, and transform everyone else into undeads (this transformation occurs, because those of True Deity stage or higher, can actually defend by combining the death energy, with their slowly fading life energy, creating undead energy, thus becoming undeads)
And this is just one of many applications: bringing to life inanimate objects, transforming living beings from one state to another (humans into beasts, beasts into mountains and so on), and many more.
As long as the energy cultivation is high enough, and the understanding of the laws is deep enough, almost anything is possible.
This set of laws, are a vast field of unending possibilities, and is hailed as one of the sure ways to attain Null Stage level cultivation.
That’s it for now.
Until next time, have a nice day.

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