Scam, Spam or not it doesn’t matter

Yo there,

It sure has been a long time, since I’ve written something here, on this blog.
Well, long-story short, I’ve got a message that says that it would be appreciated, if my content would be available as podcasts as well.
It came in a sketchy manner, with links and whatnot, and I deemed it as possible spam/scam, albeit I might be wrong, it’s just sketchy for me, because it was said that they’ve been reading my posts for 4 months, when I have only around 60 continuous days of publishing since mid-April or so.
If I am wrong, and the message is legitimate, than I apologize to the one who sent it, it’s just I got several spam messages already requesting me to do advertising to some products, because I check each of their criteria for this. (remember folks, I have 6 followers, from which, like 4 are me, my friends, and a family member, and 2 fellow bloggers, so what kind of company would want me to advertise their products? Especially since this is an author’s blog, I am mostly talking about my own stories, so cosmetics, and perfumes? Seriously? Way too sketchy, also I have no ads, nor donations, nor paid subscription enabled, how would I do that? *Sigh*, sorry for this rant, but I needed to vent this, and this recent message that sounded almost credible was a good reason to do it, I am a beginner, yet I already got 3-4 spams, I pity those truly popular, must be bombarded by spams/hate messages constantly).
Again, if it’s not a scam/spam, I deeply apologise, didn’t mean to offend, or discredit anyone, it’s just online, it’s worth to be a tad bit more cautious, anyway, the podcasts will be coming.
As it is a reasonable request, and despite not using any link provided in that message, WordPress itself, has the cooperation with Anchor, allowing me to have the possibility of converting my blog posts, into podcasts.
And, I will do so, soon enough.
That’s it.
Until next time, have an as eventful, or eventless day as you wished for.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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