The Occupational/Craft Laws: Blacksmithing and Alchemy Laws

Hello there earthlings,

Today I will try to exemplify the Occupational/Craft Laws, hoping that it will clarify, my previous muddy rumblings about these laws.
Let’s begin with the Blacksmithing Laws, blacksmithing is the action of forging different objects from various ores, metals. (another duuh moment)
Now, after mastering normal Blacksmithing, which is awfully named “mortal” Blacksmithing, one can slowly learn the Laws of Blacksmithing, and this includes a lot of different laws. ( to properly become a Blacksmith, it’s a “duuuh” moment, but one needs an understanding of Fire, Metal, Earth and Strength Laws. Also, blacksmiths aren’t stupid, or muscleheads as in your novels, they need to know the intricacies of the ores they use, also the relations/interactions between the materials they use. This includes not only the ores, or metals, but also the flame they use, the material of the hammer they use, and many more.)
A normal blacksmith, can smelt the average ores, metals, but those are useful only for the mortals, once introduced on the battlefield of cultivators/practitioners, they become obsolete, no different than fragile sticks. (imagine this: a stalk of grass reinforced with a strong sword aura, can break the best sword in the country of the mortals)
The normal ores/metals, can’t handle the infusion of energy, nor laws, thus becoming useless, that’s why learning Blacksmithing Laws is necessary for blacksmiths, if they want to become proper masters, and not simply masters in the mortal world.
Now, the normal blacksmithing isn’t useless, if one becomes a master blacksmith, then its foundation will be as solid as it gets, being easy to learn and touch upon Blacksmithing Laws.
The Blacksmithing Laws exist even in mortal processes, but only after starting to learn how to infuse energy, and then different attributes, can one say that they truly stepped on the path of Blacksmithing Laws.
Differences are glaring: normal forged sword – breaks when met with true body of a beast, while the energy forged sword – can be infused, thus strengthened, and won’t break easily.
And then we have the law infused weapons like the ones you have in your games: Flaming Swords, Water Halberd, Lightning Sabre and so on. (the blacksmiths infused the Fire, Water, Lightning Laws, in the respective weapon)
Now, let’s go to Alchemy Laws, which is a vast field of research.
Alchemy is the occupation that is deeply interested in researching how to create new products, objects, even life.
Alchemy doesn’t only deals in pills, and medicine, but also in transmutation of ores, corpses, and creating new life-forms, or inducing mutations in existing ones.
The mortal level of the alchemy could be associated with pharmacology, herbology and beastology (study of beasts, creatures in general).
Once one can properly balance energies, and the laws essence in different chemicals, herbs and beasts, one can say that he/she has stepped onto the realm of Alchemy Laws.
The normal, and the Law Alchemy are completely different, with the normal alchemy being child’s play compared to the Law Alchemy.
To use the Alchemy Laws on a proper level, one has to have at least, a beginner understanding of one of these laws: Life, Wood, Life-and-Death, Water, Mind Laws.
A pill made by a normal alchemist could heal some exterior, and maybe some hidden wounds, but a pill made by a Law Alchemist could change the innate constitution of a being, and many more, almost godlike dealings.
Alchemy is considered a great occupation, some consider Necromancy, Beast Taming, Medicine, Architecture, and even Puppetry, as branches of Alchemy. (they are wrong, but not completely, there is a connection between them, but there is a connection between everything, so the small part they are right about, becomes irrelevant)
Blacksmithing, and Alchemy are the hardest Occupational Laws.
As a “long story short” moment, a thorough understanding of energy, and Laws, is what differentiates normal crafts from Law crafts. (also, due to the lack of proper energy, your realm can’t touch upon these concepts)
That’s it for now.
Until next time, have a nice day.

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