The Weapon Laws: Sword and Staff Laws

Hello there earthlings,

Today I will try to help you understand better the Weapon Laws, through detailed description of two examples: The Sword and Staff Laws.
Let’s begin with The Sword Laws.
These laws as I previously said, are related to the mastery of swords.
One can’t touch upon Sword Laws without mastering the sword. (duuuh moment)
The mastery of sword goes from initiate to master level, at which one can use the sword as an extension of their body, and every single move, is harmonised with the one using them.
This is in the mortal realms, then we have the law stages: Aura, Intent and Law.
Sword Aura enhances the sword’s body, and thus it becomes much stronger than normal swords, easily slicing through the opposition. (example: Basic Steel Sword with Sword Aura, can easily cut a Hundred tempered Steel Sword, which has no Sword Aura Applied)
Sword Intent enhances not just the sword, but also the sword master, enhancing the master’s perception, reflexes, and overall body attributes, while also slowly starting to have a pressure over other practitioners. . (A simple steel sword with a Sword Intent, can cut into mountains, and targets, hundreds of meters away)
Sword Law is both the end, and the beginning of the Sword Master’s journey, to master the sword. (A sword to rule the battle)
At this stage, one can use anything as a sword, and depending what kind of sword one has trained, this sword will be transmitted to any object one intends to use as a sword.
The notion “what kind of sword one trained” refers to the type of Sword Master one is, because after mastering the sword in terms of the mortal realm, one starts to develop a Sword Heart, and one’s own Sword Style. (examples: sharp sword, dominant sword, tyrant sword, overlord sword, swift sword, fluid sword, adaptable sword and so on)
With a Sword Heart, one has an increased affinity towards swords, and sword techniques, and without a Sword Heart, the state of Sword Aura can’t be achieved, thus forever being a normal Sword Master. (of course, they can embark on mastering a different Law, but that means, they aren’t a proper Sword Master anymore)
After reaching the Sword Law stage, one can start learning other Laws properly as well, and fusing them with their Sword.
Let me exemplify the difference between the Sword Master in the mortal realm, and one who touched upon the laws, with items from your world.
A normal Sword Master, who can harmonise with the sword, could cut a car in half, while someone who just barely touched upon the laws, could make a mini Grand Canyon, and someone who has a mastery over the laws of Sword, could cut almost everything. (here, in this realm, mortal is anyone below the 3rd stage, from 4th stage on, they aren’t really mortal anymore) (also, this is purely based on sword arts, no energy usage was included in the example, so the cutting of a car, or everything, is done purely by their understanding of the sword, no energy or cultivation base was used)
The Sword is a mighty, prideful, dominant, but adaptable weapon, and their practitioners are the same.
Now, let’s talk about the Staff Laws.
The Staff Laws, are also as previously mentioned, related to the mastery of staves.
The steps which lead to mastering it in the mortal realm, are the same as for the Sword Laws.
In the law realm, it’s the same: Staff Aura, Staff Intent, and Staff Laws.
Staff Aura: enhances the staff’s weight, endurance, strength, and flexibility. (A staff imbued by Staff Aura can be considered a pillar of hundreds of tonnes, even if it looks just like a stick)
Staff Intent: enhances not just the staff, but also the staff master, enhancing the master’s perception, reflexes, and overall body attributes, while also slowly starting to have a pressure over other practitioners. (A staff imbued with Staff Intent, can do the impossible in the mortal realm, being just as flexible as a snake, as durable as a mountain, and forceful as a hurricane)
Staff Law: both the end, and the beginning of the path of a Staff Master. (A Staff to support the Heavens)
One here doesn’t have a Sword Heart, but a Staff Heart, which seems similar but is different. (needs different attitude, and different training)
They can start infusing laws into their Staff, once the Staff Law stage has been reached, but they can’t use everything as a Staff, other than their hands, body, or items of a certain length. (using their hands, or body as the staff, brings them closer to pure body practitioners rather than weapon practitioners)
The Staff is a forceful, tyrant, flexible, deceiving, and ever-changing weapon, and their practitioners are the same.
Now, the Weapons Laws are boundless in potential, as they can incorporate other laws as well, without needing to properly master said different Laws, but that doesn’t mean they are better than other Laws, it’s just they are different, and easier to begin, but harder to perfect. (Fire Sword (Sword + Fire Laws), Earth Staff (Staff + Earth Laws), Wood Spear Path ( Spear + Wood Laws) and so on, hopefully you can get what I am implying here)
That’s it for now.
Until next time, have a nice day.

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