Describing the laws: 2nd Step: Weapon Laws

Hello there earthlings,

Today, I will try to describe, the Weapon Laws, in all their glory.
When one starts learning how to use a weapon, one should start from the basics, and slowly reach the different stages of weapon mastery.
First we encounter the initial mastery, when one can actually use the weapon without damaging oneself, then we have mastery when one can use the weapon in battles to death, after this comes the realm of one-with-the-weapon, where the weapon becomes no different than an extension of the practitioner’s body.
After this realm comes the one-with-the-law realm, or the weapon law realm.
Here one can infuse energy into one’s weapon, and use this energy to strengthen it.
It has 3 stages: Weapon Aura, Intent, and Law.
Weapon Aura – enhances the weapon’s attributes
Intent – enhances the weapon’s attributes, the users affinity towards the weapon, towards nature, and allows a melee weapon to deliver ranged attacks.
Law – All of the above, to which we add control of the Weapon Law.
Now about the Weapon Laws themselves, they are laws that concern how a weapon should behave in the cycle of everything. (these laws make possible the stuff from your novels, like one swing of the sword halving a planet, and things as such)
These laws contain everything concerning the weapon they represent, and now, let’s begin with a couple of examples.
Sword Laws – epitome of sword arts, they are different from user to user, but the overall, general Sword Laws are the ones that regulate, and dictate how the path of swords shall behave. (One who has reached the stage where it touches upon the Sword Laws, anything can become a sword, and depending on what kind of Sword one has developed, one can showcase that Sword’s moves even with a stalk of grass).
Body Laws – these are called as such because they concern one’s body as a weapon, but they don’t represent the laws a body cultivator follows, so don’t confuse the two.
These laws are the ones that regulate anything concerning using the Body as a Weapon.
Sabre Laws – laws concerning anything related to sabres.
You get the gist of it, already, don’t ya?
Now, before anyone points out, yes we are currently in a Beast Realm, in which their true bodies should be more used than weapons, but! never forget, that human bodies are more energy efficient than the beasts true bodies.
Also, there are different materials, that are tougher than the average beast’s body, thus the use of weapons is fairly normal here. (not every beast is a dragon, turtle, boar and so on, to have a tough body)
Although, if this realm would be a top-tier middle Beast realm, or even an upper Beast realm, then the energy quality, and quantity would be enough, for the use of weapons to be almost unnecessary. (again, there are Divine Materials, that can make weapons way better than what one’s body can do, at least in most cases)
So, as a conclusion: Weapon Laws are the laws concerning the behaviour of weapons, and weapon users, encompassing anything that can be possibly be done, with a weapon.
Without weapon laws, the control, and finesse of using other laws, and energy together with a weapon is faulty, and may very well damage the weapon during its use.
Although, from this, all you learn, is that laws regulate everything, and are omnipresent more or less, I hope you can slowly get a better grasp, on what Sophia is talking about.
But fear not, I will explain the Sword Laws, Staff Laws, and Body Arts in detail, on a future date.
Until next time.
Have a nice day.

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