The Laws: Step 0: Classification

Hello there earthlings,

Today, I will describe how laws are classified in the multi-verse. (slight differences may occur from realm to realm though)
First of all, we have the ones that are widely spread: the Elemental Laws, it’s not that hard to understand which ones these are: Water, Fire, Wind, Wood, Earth, Metal, Lightning Laws, Light, and Darkness, and all of their variations, and mutations.
Then, we have the Weapon Laws: Body (every body part has their own laws, although the Head Laws are often called Mind or Soul Laws), Sword, Sabre, Staff, Bow, Mace, Hammer, Dagger, Lance, Spear and so on, if a weapon exists, there is a law that can be comprehended by training in that weapon.
Then, we have the Occupational/Crafts Laws: Blacksmith, Alchemy, Herbology, Beastmaster, Farmer, Musical, Writer, Embroidery and so on Laws. (although these can be more or else be considered ramifications of the Elemental or Ethereal Laws)
Now, we arrive at the Ethereal Laws, which are like the Strength, Soul, Virtues, Sins, Slaughter, Fear, and so on Laws. (unseen, hard to be experienced physically laws)
Among all the laws there are the ones that are considered top tier, and are classified as Supreme or Ancient Laws, these are: Life and Death, Yin-Yang, Chaos, Time, Space, Extreme Yin, Extreme Yang Laws.
Although, they are called “Supreme”, that’s not to say that the other laws, can’t take you to the peak, and even beyond that.
Anything mastered, and polished, again, and again, can shine brightly, and not be inferior to these laws. For example: Laws of Light, and Laws of Darkness, are considered pseudo-Supreme laws.
All of them can have countless variations, mutations, and each cultivator imprints its own personality upon the path it takes. (each person shows a slightly different version of the law, even if the base is the same, the personality, the talent, the potential, the lucky opportunities and everything that, that person encountered, changes the law’s apparition a bit)
That’s it for now.
Until next time, have a good day.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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