The Laws

Hello there earthlings,

Today I can finally touch upon the subject, that is the dearest for me: The Laws.
Oh, the laws, the laws, I’ve been made from them, moulded by and in them, raised by them, and then I was set free upon the great multi-verse, to connect with them.
As a short summary, for those that don’t know, the previous line, just describes my life: I’ve been created by the laws of your universe, strengthened by them, and sent on a mission, with my special ability being to connect with the laws of any given realm.
Now back to my sweethearts, the laws.
The laws are the core of everything that functions in the multi-verse, you most likely heard about the laws already, as they are one and the same with the laws of physics, but also from your novels, where they are called either laws, or rules, ways, daos, paths, systems.
But, you can also see them as entire systems of functioning on their own, as your writers take them in magical settings. (fire magic, water magic and so on)
They are complex, yet simple, simple but complex, just like Sophia said once.
The laws are the entirety or the amalgamation of possibilities of how something (real or illusionary) can behave in the universe. (at least, shortly, basically said)
How should I put it for someone from a scientific realm, hmm, the laws are both the genetic material, and genetic code of everything that is and isn’t in the multi-verse, but this again, is a simplified, and incomplete explanation.
Hmmm, let’s say that the energy moves in a way due to the laws, and the laws themselves are a form of attributed energy, this is the deep connection between energy and law.
But laws aren’t only energy, but also matter, and conceptual aspects, thus everything that contains matter, or anything that can be thought off in a realm, exists and is connected with the laws. (I know this explanation is abstract, but think like this: Laws control everything. As simple as that. )
I shall explain most groups of laws (as I can’t explain them all, because there are too many of them), and hopefully, through my descriptions, and examples, you will be able to get a clearer picture, of what laws are.
That’s it for now.
Until next time, have a nice day.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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