Another round of clarifications

Hello there earthlings,

I have to apologise once more, as there are some details that I’ve neglected.
First of all, I need to speak about the cultivation stages.
Each one of them, is stronger than one could possibly imagine, as I previously mentioned, a normal mortal here, is several times stronger than a peak athlete back at your place.
That is without cultivation of course, so imagine after starting cultivating, what can one do.
Due to Sophia’s pure boredom when facing most cultivators she rarely explained properly, at least in my opinion, how the cultivators worked.
A peak 4th stage cultivator could certainly be more than a god in a realm like yours, or even a young low, or mid realm, as it takes time, for the fortune, fate, and energy to accumulate.
Now, demigods, and gods are even above that, let’s not even talk about the stages that are even further down, the cultivation path.
And the most important bits of information: most cultivators prior to Sophia’s appearance, were below demigod stage, only mid to top tier tribes could afford not just the resources, but the techniques that were needed to properly step into demigodhood.
After Sophia came, and her theories started getting popular, the average stage of practitioners became the low-god, almost mid-god stage, quite a huge boost.
That’s it for the cultivators, now about some treasures, that frankly I’ve remembered after reading your novels. (eheh… I am sorry)
This realm, as most realms, also has a compendium of tribes (not comprehensive enough though), a compendium of ores (not comprehensive enough though), and of course rare resources (not comprehensive enough though) .
Sophia also plans to write such a compendium, albeit she thinks it’s boring.
Yes, you heard that right, boring… there is Primordial Yang Flame (1st amongst all flame types), Primordial Yin Water (1st amongst all types of water), Mother Earth (1st amongst all types of earth), Undying Wood Heart (1st amongst all types of wood), Pure metal Gold (1st amongst all types of metal), 9th Heaven Winds (1st amongst all types of wind, these winds are those that blow up in the sky, just before leaving the atmosphere of the planet)
These resources are the best boosters for cultivation level, best foundation settlers, and all of them give varied abilities, and upgrades to one’s basic power.
The reasons that such things are barely mentioned is simple, Sophia thinks they are normal resources, so boring to be mentioned.
Yes, she has all of them, actually, she probably has all the top 100 rarest resources of each type… and she’s able to grow them… pretty normally and quickly as well… *sigh* she thinks of them as cabbages.
Now, that’s it for now.
Until next time, have a nice day.

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