Cultivation: Technical description

Hello there earthlings,

The author, nice kid, asked me to described in detail, how the cultivation of the bloodline systems works, of course he mentioned, that a general, broad way of describing the steps would be better, as that would give an insight into how, the other power systems work as well.
It’s pretty nice for him to mention it, even though, more or less I already explained it, it did slip out of my attention, that you are completely clueless into how these matters work. (being constantly surrounded by cultivators does make my skills of communicating with mortals a tad bit rusty)
Now, here through the bloodline power system, the cultivation starts with body tempering.
It’s not hard to see why it is done, your body being the vessel that will not only contain the energy of the world, but also its essences (laws), you want it to be as strong as possible, as to not crack under the external, and internal pressure brought by these 2 resources.
Not only there are techniques that strengthen each muscle, and area of the body, but there are techniques that already start slowly, gently to infuse energy into the body, thus enhancing the strengthening process.
This strengthening process needs humongous amounts of energy, but in a realm, where fruits, meat, herbs are saturated and transformed already by the energy, while even the simple act of breathing in a pattern or another can absorb energy, the quantity required can be acquired.
Simply training can also improve the body, but its painful, and it may leave behind hidden ailments.
Now, after the body starts to properly gain a shape, and a foundation, one can start learning a cultivation technique.
A cultivation technique, as I previously, obviously mentioned, is a technique that guides the energy into your body, confines it, and slowly absorbs it, refine it.
The better techniques can also purify it, upgrading its quality.
The more energy your body can hold, the stronger you are, but the purer the energy you possess, the better your output, control and potential is.
Also, general techniques are fast in early stages, and slow and even already stopping in later stages. (general techniques = attribute-less or vague techniques, there are exceptions, Sophia made a Cultivation for Dummies technique, that can purify and refine the energy up until godhood, but after that, a technique that is of one’s attribute is needed, of course if we talk about the environment and beings in this realm, Sophia for example tackles the problem differently)
Cultivation requires one to guide the energy from outside, inside one’s body, and bloodline, and enhance its traits.
It’s nothing complicated, you can see it as eating, drinking, sleeping, and exercising, all at the same time. You satisfy your body’s basic necessities, while also enhancing, and evolving it at a high speed.
About mental, spiritual cultivation, that is the same and not, as both need not only energy to purify and enhance the soul, and mind, but also epiphanies and understanding of different matters to further your cultivation.
The arts (music, chess, painting, sculpting, theatre etc) can cultivate a tremendously solid foundation in mental and spiritual cultivation, as the arts are one that dwell on the aspects of nature, mortality, comedy, and mostly abstract and ethereal concepts.
Such concepts can enhance one’s mental, and spiritual cultivation the best.
Cultivation needs a step-by-step approach, I know you have novels, that prove me wrong, but even there in future stages, if the story is not rushed, the hero must slow down, because he has found hidden problems along his “long” road of cultivation.
Look at the heirs of the top tribes, anyone that reached half-step God King below 100 is a monster, below 500 is a genius, below 1000 is a talent, and this standard is made with the resources such a tribe can offer in mind. (Meaning, it’s not easy to gain a solid foundation, and a high cultivation stage at the same time. Getting an inheritance from a terrifying entity is not that common in the real world, so it’s not easy to get from zero to hero, in no time)
Well, I think I’ve explained it fairly well, especially since this is how it goes, since cultivation mostly boils down to “patiently improving oneself” .
That’s it.
Have a nice day.

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