Cultivation: The True Deity, Elder Deity and Null Stages

Hello there earthlings,

Today, I will try to describe, to the best of my abilities, the True Deity, Elder Deity and Null Stages, in the 9 bloodlined Beast Realm.
Now let’s begin, this will be quite simple.
The True Deity stage is achieved when one gains complete control over a law, and is even outside its ruling. (this means, that for example: you mastered every single aspect of the fire laws in the realm, and you aren’t affected by fire anymore at all)
At the True Deity stage you start finally being in control, at this stage you start truly being immortal, not even the Realm Ending Calamity could kill you. (at least, not the normal ones).
Also, at the True Deity stage, you can make unique external realms, getting to be called a Named Creator, but this is not the normal external realm creation, but rather one that is recognised by one of the Peak Top Realms, or even by one of the Primordial Realms.
Now, for the Elder Deity stage, one is able to control everything, one has half-step outside the natural cycle of everything.
At the Elder Deity stage one can start controlling realms that weren’t made by them, and even completely devour the realm for the energy it contains.
At this stage, one is almost entirely immortal and eternal, they can only die, by being killed by beings of the same strength or higher than they are, or wandering into highly dangerous forbidden zones. (both True Deities and Elder Deities are outside the elements, and natural cycle more or less, but the wrath of elements, chaotical storms of space-and-time, can hurt them, even kill them)
And before anyone starts complaining “ahm, actually, you said that even at the bloodline awakening, bloodline law infusion stage, that one expert already start to learn, understand, and control some laws” and I would agree with you, I did say that.
But, let’s think a bit about it, there should be a difference between someone who started using the laws of water to make the atmosphere damp and someone who used the laws of water to drown an entire low realm, that’s the difference in degrees of control that the two experts of different stages have.
And the most important thing is that both True Deities, and Elder Deities, can introduce easily new laws in a realm, that have yet to exist, or were hidden due to damages they suffered. (space, time, chaos, life, death, light, darkness, any elemental law, these are prone to being damaged in great events, and once damaged, the events, activities, and beings related to the law start to deteriorate or simply transform, and adapt)
For example, Atlas’s realm is almost entirely Yin, and extreme yin orientated (with traces of Yang, because equilibrium is needed), so if he brings someone weaker, as strong as he is, or slightly stronger than he is, in his realm, that expert will have troubles using anything Yang related, and all of his other laws that are not related to Yin laws will be weakened, but if Atlas would try to do that with a True Deity or Elder Deity, it would be pointless.
That’s why battles on True Deity, and Elder Deity levels, are complex, with both laws, and energy cultivations displayed at their limits.
Now, about the Null Stage, here you are completely immortal, eternal, and you can’t die even if you want to. You are close to being omnipotent (it’s impossible to achieve that, due to existence of fate, and also due to the existence of similarly near omnipotent beings)
There are exceptions to that, especially fate that followed one from their mortal days, but it’s extremely hard.
For example Odin, he was eaten by Fenrir, cast into a black hole realm (the entire realm is one massive blackhole) by Loki, split into dust molecules by Zeus, and he is still alive and kicking, because he achieved a stage with mystical arts, and law(Dao, rule, way, magic name it however you want), where he is truly undying.
And before any Norse mythology fans start talking about Ragnarok, your mythology and the multi-verse have a lot of things in common, but they aren’t the same.
Also almost immortal is a vague term, I know, but both True Deity, and Elder Deity stages, have the differences in law understanding, and energy quantity, and quality, thus their immortality is varying in quality as well.
That’s it.
Until next time, have a nice day.

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