Cultivation: The God King and God Emperor Stages

Hello there earthlings,

Today I will try to describe the God King and God Emperor Stages, of course, how they are understood in the 9 bloodlined Beast Realm.
Now, before any description is given, I must clarify about the Creator stage.
Both the author, and Sophia, early in the story, talk about how above the high god stage there is the Creator stage, but that’s a misunderstanding caused by the low levelled society they’ve encountered, and also due to the Sir Treanor’s unwillingness to tell Sophia more than she should know at that time.
God King and God Emperor stage is often called by the low levelled cultivators as the Creator Stage, as that’s when they create their inner realms properly, with civilisations already appearing in it, but that’s internal realm, it’s only at True Deity stage that one can try and become a true Named Creator, and externalise its realm.
That’s it for clarifications, now let’s talk about the realms I said I shall describe.
So, the God King Stage, is where not only you’ve established your inner realm, you’ve already arrived at the point, where the living beings have established themselves a kingdom in it.
Now, this means that not only your realm is stable, the laws perfect (meaning they are complete, but their quality depends on the quality of the energy supplied, and the quality of your understanding of them), but it also means that the quality of laws, and energy, is enough for entities to develop into intelligent beings, that already have desires of expansion.
Now, before going to the God Emperor Stage, some clarifications: in the God King Stage ones understanding of laws is continuously deepening, and its energy is continuously developing.
The inner realm is made, and fuelled in the beginning by the experts energy, and law understanding, but after the realm is properly established, it becomes a purifier, and enhancer of the energy that circulates inside the expert, thus boosting the cultivation speed.
Also, the realm itself contains a cycle of laws, and energy respiration, which creates supplementary quantities of energy, while due to its creation of laws, and establishment of law cycles (natural cycles), the expert can deepen its insights even more, and faster.
Now, about the God Emperor Stage, here, there are civilisations that not only established Empires, but even conquered different planets, establishing Empires on each of them (doesn’t mean 1 Empire conquered more planets, but simply that the lifeforms that were birthed by the realm, started populating the entire realm, and not just one singular area of space)
An expert in the God Emperor Stage, has exceptional grasp over energy, and law control, and its internal realm is stable, and almost complete, thus the expert can slowly consider, externalising it, becoming a Named Realm Creator which is equivalent with a True Deity.
The pros of externalising it are: a wider range of races can inhabit it, faster rate of growth, and maybe a wider variety of laws being learnt by the realm, the cons are that the Creator doesn’t get passively insights and energy from the realm anymore, but at least the dangers of the fate of realms aren’t connected to the Creator anymore.
Also, here the Creator can learn about higher ranked laws in an easier way, due to the Laws of Fate, Life, Death, and so on, being free, and not tied so closely with its understanding, and its fate.
While internalising it: one would be constantly strengthened by the realm, the insights would be closer, one could even trap enemies inside it, but there would be a big disadvantage: the realm’s fate would be closely tied with the fate of the expert (not directly, if the realm perishes, the expert most likely perishes as well, but if the expert perishes, but doesn’t choose to destroy his realm, than his internal realm, shall become a secret realm floating in space-and-time, ready to connect with a main existing realm, and become a treasured land for whoever finds it)
Well, that’s it for now.
Until next time, have a nice day.

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