Cultivation: The Demigod and God Stages

Hello there earthlings,

Today, I will try to describe as best as I can, the Demigod and God Stages, in the 9 bloodlined Beast Realm. (can’t speak for all the realms, because albeit they have similar stages, with similar power levels, there are still differences)
Now, let’s begin with the Demigod Stage.
First of all, I have to tell you all honestly, that when we’ve first heard about the demigod stage, we all thought the same as the other mortals, that this is a bridge to godhood.
But actually it is just a bridge to the larger world, that the laws of the realm represent, and it’s not even the starting point, but rather both Demigod and God Stages, are foundational stages, just the same as the Mortal Stages.
The Demigod stage is where one cultivator starts to deify their body, this means that now the original body is saturated by the laws you studied, and now you can start transforming your body with said laws, increasing your affinity towards them.
An early stage demigod has one and up to three parts of its body deified.
A mid stage demigod has anywhere from 4 to almost entire body deified.
A high stage demigod has its entire body deified, coupled with its soul deified as well.
Peak Stage means that you are already starting to understand a unique part of the law, that belongs solely to you.
And when you are fully deified, and finally understand that unique part of the law, boom, you become a low stage god.
And here comes the trouble explaining.
In early days, both Sophia and I, had a lack of proper understanding of the god stages.
Basically, due to the fact that we are in a lower realm, means that the laws are as complete as in higher ranked realms, thus its easier to understand, so even if we have thought that we understood 100% of a law, that would be 20-30 or even less % in a middle realm.
Now, that wasn’t all, the problem was that the “unique” spin to a law, wasn’t anything we guessed or invented (well, not in most cases at least), but it was just another aspect of a law that we have understood.
Laws are vast, and mystical, they are hard to be properly comprehended, that’s why even though those around Sophia all chose to understand laws, most people went with the energy cultivation route as their main cultivation path.
Also, the laws that were infused into the bloodline, and body of beasts, are usually those that a beast has already an exceptional affinity towards, so the understanding sometimes isn’t even related to the laws, but more to understanding one’s bloodline, origins, and nature, at least that’s how it is for beasts.
Now, back to our sheep, let’s talk about the God stages.
Low, middle, and high God stages, each with a corresponding understanding of laws, respectively, 10%, up to 50% and anywhere above 50% .
This understanding of laws influences how fast one can cast arts/techniques, how fast one can cultivate, how fast one can create a domain, how fast one can create an inner realm, how fast one can create a pocket dimension, how fast one can create techniques and arts of its own, and most importantly, how fast one can breakthrough realms.
Don’t look down on even 1% of understanding, because the difference between it is staggering, one god with 11% understanding can take on at least five gods with 10% understanding of the same law. (attribute affinities come in play here, so if the affinities are right, someone with lower understanding can actually beat someone with higher understanding)
Even so, gods with domains are extremely rare, mostly top tier tribes are able to teach their descendants how to properly create a domain, and even then, the domains of the tribesmen are the same, which is both good and bad.
Domains can overlap, and if they are the same they can enhance the domain’s effects, but like this, if a tribe meets its natural enemy domain wise, they can’t break the opponent’s domains.
Well, after high godhood, reaching the peak, one should start properly developing an inner realm, and slowly establishing living beings in it (creating or bringing in from outside), to create a following, which would worship the creator, thus giving energy to it.
But it’s not just the worship that is needed from these living beings, but through energy respiration, they are fastening the growth of the realm.
That’s it for now, next time I will talk about the God King, and God Emperor stages.
Until then, have a nice day.

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