Cultivation: The Mortal Stages

Hello there earthlings,

Today I will talk to you, about the early stages of cultivation in this realm, respectively, the Mortal Stages.
They are named as such, due to their relation to the mortal status of one that starts to cultivate, and due to the aspects that these stages focus on.
These stages are focusing on enhancing one’s bodily foundation, and achieve a breakthrough through one’s mortality. (it is as such, at least in the 9 bloodlined Beast Realm)
These stages are as follows: Body Preparation
Bloodline awakening
Bloodline manifestation
Bloodline law infusion
Now let’s begin describing these stages.
First, we have the Body Preparation stage, just as its name suggests, its a stage where we start enhancing, strengthening our body, preparing it for higher intakes of energy.
This stage has 3 smaller stages itself, them being: 1st stage/early-refinement of skin and muscles
2nd stage/mid- refinement of bones
3rd stage/late- refinement of inner organs
Then, the second big stage, would be the Bloodline Awakening stage, here through enhancing, strengthening your body, and thus breaking through its limits over and over again, you start awakening the latent potential in your blood, awakening the bloodline and its powers, that are dormant in your body.
The 3 small stages are: First awakening(10% rate of bloodline awakening)
2nd awakening(50% rate of bloodline awakening)
3rd awakening/final(fully awakening the bloodline)
Through this awakenings, one can get one or more (from each) bloodline powers, that are innately related to a law, or sometimes one can even awaken abilities, that can be used without learning.
Now comes the 3rd stage, Bloodline Manifestation, here, after awakening one’s bloodline, you have to slowly ponder upon your traits, and slowly awaken your true form (we are talking in Beast Realm terms)
Here the 3 small stages are : Initial/Partial Manifestation – one will be able to manifest one of the bodily traits of the tribe one comes from (horns, tails, wings, paws, tusks and so on)
Full Manifestation -one will be able to take on its beast form completely, but for a finite amount of time (usually hours/days)
True Body Manifestation – one will be able to transform whenever, and for however long they want into their true form.
The reason this stage exists, I already explained, but here I go again, it exists due to energy saving, and because law affinity is higher in human form than in beast form.
In this stage, one can awaken again, abilities and arts relevant to their tribe.
And now, the last stage the Bloodline Law Infusion stage, in this stage, one would instil the laws of the realm, into its bloodline and body, thus further strengthening their bloodlines and physic, and its connection to certain laws.
Beast usually have natural affinity towards several aspects of a law through their bloodline, and they focus on this law, and try to master it.
The 3 small stages are: Law epiphany – small mastery of a law
Half Mastery – thorough understanding of the law
Domain Mastery – creating a domain with that law
This are all relative, taken as the basis of these stages are the laws of a low realm, don’t forget that. (Meaning that half-mastery is not even equal to the Law Epiphany in upper realms, and domain mastery is as rare as it gets, in this realm)
Also, rarely does anyone create a domain, because understanding the law is hard, so they choose the energy cultivation route, where one’s energy quantity, and quality is taken as an indicator of one’s cultivation, and not its understanding towards the laws ( they are weaker than proper law cultivators)
Note for anyone thinking this is quite simple: energy consumption is horrendous, let’s say that the entire energy of Earth would equal to around a 100 individuals cultivating to the peak of the 4th stage (and all these individuals would be average in talent, if not, even one divine talent could waste the entire Solar System of its resources to achieve godhood )
Sophia and co. cultivation speed is not a good example to compare the cultivation of the realm. They consume spirit and divine herbs, meat and concoctions constantly as Sophia is able to grow the herbs, plus they are all at least half-step Heaven’s Chosen calibre talents, so please don’t believe that it is easy to cultivate.
That’s it for the Mortal Stages.
After these cultivation realms, the demigod and god stages are next, and I will explain those in another post.
That’s it.
Until next time, have a nice day.

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