Hello there earthlings,

Before explaining the Cultivation Stages, I need to explain a bit the ranks of the bloodlines, that the individuals can posses, as in this realm, with the Bloodline Power System, they are of paramount importance in cultivation. (duuh moment)
Now, an in-depth classification or description of the bloodlines would be hard to be done.
There are hundreds of thousands if not millions of bloodlines, each having countless of hidden traits within them.
Thinking carefully, talking about infinite power variations, is highly possible, as awakening powers is often done through enlightenment, and enlightenment is often brought by personal behaviours and breakthroughs.
Thus it’s hard to generalise the powers that exist in this realms, but not impossible.
You could think about the mythos you have on Earth, the beasts that resemble mythological creatures, often have a similar set of powers with them.
Sophia gathered that this maybe due to the fact that in the early days, the Earth realm may have been discovered, and used by different species of other realms, what brought on their disappearance is a mystery, but it can be due to the lack of resources or external threats.
Now back to the bloodlines, they are different categories of them.
They are ranked as follows: soldier, general, king, emperor, divine, everlasting.
The soldier bloodline bearers have a smooth sailing cultivation journey until the mid 2nd stage, the general bloodline bearers until the peak 3rd stage, king bloodlines until the mid-god stage, emperor bloodlines until the God King stage, while the divine bloodlines have a smooth sailing until the God Emperor stages.
The everlasting bloodline has no cap on it as it is a bloodline stage achieved by experts only in legends, nobody knows if it truly exists or not, but it is mentioned concerning the Primordial realms.
Small tribes usually have on average general bloodlines or lower.
Middle sized tribes usually have king bloodlines or lower.
Top tribes usually have emperor bloodlines or lower.
Any tribe can have a higher bloodline occurring in some of their members from time to time, and the Divine Bloodlines occur randomly, and rarely in a lower realm, and usually it’s achieved through cultivation, rather than being inborn. (this bit about Divine Bloodlines, applies only to lower realms)
As a note, there are mutations that can occur, in any ranked bloodlines, that can change the cap on the bloodline, making it either better or worse. (there are mutations that can cripple one’s potential, and other mutations, that can help one soar right to the peak)
And another note to be taken is that, “smooth sailing” means lower chances of meeting bottlenecks, not meaning instant ascension to said stage. Enlightenment is still a process needed.
After a careful investigation, Sophia got to the conclusion, that the bloodlines are just containers of powers that are destined to a certain individual/tribe, and one’s ancestry, upbringing, behaviour and personality is the one that awakens certain bloodline traits.
This is one of the reasons why she never used her twelve bloodline awakened powers, but rather connected with the laws, and made techniques up from the scratch.
Her bloodlines origins influenced the powers she got, and she felt she would be too restricted with only twelve general powers, thus she dispersed them, and focused on a different path.
That path, I already explained, although Sophia’s path, still relies on her bloodlines, but in a different way from the beasts.
Until next time, have a good day.

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