Cultivation Stages

Hello there earthlings,

A quick rundown about the cultivation stages, in the 9 bloodlined Beast Realm.
I specified the realm, because the power systems, or the names of the stages, differ from realm to realm, even if there is an equivalent exchange that can be done.
Now, the lowest one can start would be ordinary mortal- that means no cultivation. (that would still be at least a few times stronger than the super athletes on Earth)
After that would be the first stages of cultivation, also known as the mortal stages.
In these stages you refine, strengthen and build up your body, and bloodline, to the peak of the mortal limits.
Then comes the demigod and god stages(low, mid, high), that are also above the mortal realm, as you start properly, and directly handling the laws. (there are exceptions to this, also bloodline powers are manipulating the laws through resonance, so it’s not a direct handling of the law, so this statement here, is not a mistake)
After this, you arrive at the God King stage, where you officially start your cultivation in the eyes of the multi-verse, and in regards of the bigger picture.
At this level, you start becoming a proper “creator”, understanding the hidden aspects of laws, and starting to create your own path.
Above this is the God Emperor stage, which is already a force to be reckoned in the multi-verse, and at this level you already solidified your understanding of the laws, and can be considered an expert, steadily pressing forward on its own path.
After the God Emperor stage comes the True Deity stage, here you already started to overcome the laws, and become a deity in front of experts not just simple mortals.
Here, you already mastered a great deal of your own path, and start to ramify it.
Elder Deity is the next stage that comes on the path of cultivation, and at this stage, you are able to alter laws, and control entire realms. At this stage, you have a thorough understanding, of most aspects of the laws you’ve ever met, and you already completely mastered your initial path of cultivation.(power decides what kind of realms)
Null Stage is the last stage known by us, and this stage not only you can control realms, but also create upper or even top realms (depending on your strength), also Null Stage is the longest cultivation state, and has the highest discrepancies within it. (2 Null Stage experts can differ in strength so much, as a mortal differs in strength with an Elder Deity)
The Null Stage is where your path becomes, even more personalised, and it gets harder, and harder to improve it, as it needs not only knowledge, and understanding of the inner-working of laws, but also novelty in approaching these.
Of course, it’s obvious, but the strength of each stage expert depends on itself, on talent, on fate and fortune, and the laws understood.
That’s it for now, I will describe in detail each stage on a future date.
Until then, have a nice day.

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