Cultivation: What is it?

Hello there earthlings,

What is cultivation?
Cultivation is a try at bettering, improving oneself.
Be it spiritual, emotional, physical, strength, energetical, skill set cultivation, they all have the same goal: making you a better version of yourself.
Cultivating is to have the mindset of following a goal.
“I want to be better than I was yesterday”
“I never want to feel this way again”
“I want to protect my loved ones”
“I don’t want to make those around me miserable”
Such mindset is a good fuel, but there are also other types of mindset
“I love my job, I have to make sure I keep it”
“I am lazy, I must ensure I can laze around as much as I want to”
The last statement is one of Sophia’s motivational quotes, that encompass her goals.
She wants nothing else than to do the bare minimum of any activity, before doing whatever she wants.
No matter how lazy one person is, being completely stationary, and completely outside of society, is hard to be done.
That’s why laziness can be seen as a good fuel, as it motivates people to do everything as fast as possible, as accurately as possible, as to finish as soon as possible, for they want to escape back to their comfort zones.
This is the reason Sophia gave Solomon, on why she can anticipate a lot of conversations, outcomes, and events: “I don’t want to be bothered, so I think instead of others”
Now, back to cultivation.
Cultivation can be done even in a barren environment such as yours, being steady, calm and ready, prepared is good for any kind of situation, event, job, task.
What I want to emphasise here, that even though everything must seem supernatural to you, regarding the bloodline power system, and the cultivation that follows it, the underlying reasons for cultivation are the same, as for the simple cultivation from Earth.
Preservation of life, of life-style, protection of loved ones, achieving goals, it’s all the same, but in just a tad bit different context, and environment, and of course on a different scale, and level.
That’s it for now.
Until next time little earthlings, have a nice day.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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