The Heavenly Courts: Departments

Hello there earthlings,

Today I will try to describe, what are the Departments of the Heavenly Courts, and what their duties/powers/benefits are.
Let’s begin.
The Lightning Department – also known as the Punishment Department, is the department in charge with meting out punishment for those that challenge or endanger the cycle of laws in the realm, but not just that, but also testing the willpower of the inhabitants.
Lightning is fast, dangerously deadly, and fearful, thus it was used from primordial times in the multi-verse as the best tool to punish on a larger scale.
Those that just challenge the cycle of laws, and try to change their natural fate in a way or another, are met with a tribulation, if they pass, they shall be rewarded, as lightning contains not just destruction, but life as well, should they fail, the outcome is death.
The Earth Department – also known as the Wall Department, is the department in charge of soil fertility, deserts, minerals (this is why there is no Metal Department), movement of planets, and the defence of the realm, in case of large scale outside invaders.
They are in charge of constructing defensive structures, with the use of their innate abilities in case of wars.
The Water Department – also known as the Adaptability Department, is the department in charge of the bodies of water in the realm, this includes all forms of water (mist, ice, blood, tears, everything).
They are in charge of helping devising unpredictable plans, infiltrating the enemy lines, and doing the scouting of the realm. (Water Laws are in close relations with Illusions, thus they have such a role)
The Wind Department – also known as the Messenger Department, in charge of the winds of the realm, weather and thus the changes of the seasons.
They are the ones who also are in charge of delivering messages from the Heavenly Courts to any corner of the realm.
The Fire Department – also known as the War Department, in charge of the fires of the realm, volcanoes, earth fires, and it represent the fighting force of the Heavens.
They are the ones sent out for large scale battles, wars, patrolling the borders of the realm, or sending a low-levelled punishment towards a larger group. (relatively low-levelled, as everyone in the army should be at least a God King, but compared to the Heavenly Lightning Calamity, it’s low-levelled punishment)
The Wood Department – also known as the Beast Department, in charge of the forests, herbs, and life-forms that live in them.
They are the ones raising the beasts, herbs for the Heavens.
The Life Department – also known as the Healing Department, in charge of the birth, life, and fertility of living beings. Also they are the ones, who are dealing with diplomatic issues.
They are the ones in charge of the healing, that needs to be done in the realm.
The Death Department – also known as the End Department, in charge of the lifespan of the entities living in the realm. (be it beasts, living races, spirits or anything else).
They are the ones who are dealing with anything related to death, or destruction in the realm. ( They try to be present at the time of death of anyone or anything. They work together with the Innate Death Gods that aren’t under direct employment of the Heavens, and with the Emissaries of the Netherworld. )
The Fate Department – also known as the Future Department, in charge with the constant observation of the future of the realm, and being the advisor of the Heavenly Emperor/Empress.
This department is always represented by its sole member: the Department Head.
They are the end strategical decision makers, before of course, reporting to the Empress/Emperor.
The forces of the Heavens, are always elite amongst the elite, and value quality over quantity.
These forces, could, and should be able to repel any threat be it internal or external.
No native force feels threatened by the Heavens Army, due to the simple fact, that the Heavens always seek the benefit of the whole, and not the individual.
They fight for the realm, not for themselves, thus not endangering the benefits of the various forces of the realm.
In fact, the forces of the realm work together with the Heavens, either posting missions for the Heavenly Armies, or taking missions from the Heavens, in exchange of merits, or rare resources.
All the departments, all the officials, all the helpers, get their rewards, in the form of merits, also known as Heavenly Merit.
These merits have a myriad of uses, but the most important ones are: changing one’s natural constitution, talent, perception, changing one’s natural lifespan, increasing one’s affinity towards a law, and crafting superior merit weapons.
That’s it.
Hope it helped, until next time, have a nice day.

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