The Heavenly Courts

Hello there earthlings,

Today, I will be talking to you, about the inner workings, history, and general status, of the Heavenly Courts, in the multi-verse.
Now, before going into in-depth description, I must clarify, the distinction between “The Heavenly Courts” that exist in each realm, or at least, should exist by default, and “The Heavenly Realms/Celestial Court” that is an above top realm (Primordial) ranked realm, which is the amalgamation, of multiple low, mid, upper realms Heavenly Courts into one.
Now, the Heavenly Courts, be it for internal, external, or natural created realms, are the tangible, physical manifestation, of the “heart” or “core” of the realm.
It is connected to the real core of the realm, which is the first point, in which, the laws were birthed.
You could take the real, core of the realm, as the starting point, of the Big Bang, to describe it in terms, used for theories in your realm.
The Heavenly Courts, are entirely made of the laws, that are present in the realm, and each law has it’s role in the functioning of the realm, thus, it’s the job of the Heavenly Courts to maintain, protect, and possibly nourish, the laws of the realm, as this means, that they are nourishing, and protecting the realm itself.
Now, each Heavenly Court’s creation, comes with an Heavenly Emperor or Empress (the very first one, at the rule of the Heavens, is always someone who’s innately born for this position, afterwards, it’s either the incarnations, other selves of the first Emperor/Empress, or someone elected by realm, due to that person’s fate/talents.)
And depending on the course of evolution of the realm, which is deduced by the Emperor/Empress peering into the fate’s veil, the Emperor/Empress, establishes the departments of the mainstream laws, that will be the one’s most used, by the inhabitants of the realm, and also, the most vulnerable towards instabilities.
Most realms, go with the following laws, Life, Death, Fate, Fire, Water, Wood, Earth, Metal, Wind, Lightning, and thus creating the relevant departments, that will be in charge, of taking care, and dealing, with events, objects, and unforeseen occurrences, related to the laws, they are in charge off.
Now, don’t think that the Heavens, won’t step in, for other laws, or other occurrences, anything that threatens the stability, or the proper fate of the realm will be dealt with correspondingly.
About the choice of the laws, Death, Life, and Fate, are omnipresent in the multi-verse, it’s really hard to find a realm in which these three laws aren’t present, albeit mono-law realms do exist, most of them are mono elemental laws, but the ethereal laws of Death, Life and Fate, still exist in them.
And with the elemental laws, it’s not hard to understand, that each of the elemental laws, are necessary for the proper propagation of life, and creation of a proper law cycle in a realm.
A proper law cycle, means that the interchanges between the laws are fluid, and can manifest each law properly. (With the basic elemental laws, one can achieve chaos laws, that can solidify the foundation of a realm, due to its nature to be able to contain and break-down, anything, and everything)
Innate Gods are often chosen for positions in the Heavenly Courts, and one should see the Heavens, as an Imperial Court, just that here, the officials, ministers, and the rulers of the realm, are actually prioritising the realm and not their profits. (It’s true that the Heavenly Emperor/Empress, rises and falls with the realm, but that’s not the same with the other Heavenly Positions)
So, why are the Innate Gods, and the various talents of the realm, that are the pride of the realm, willing to serve the Heavens, and even willing to sacrifice their lives for it?
Well, firstly, it would be because if the Heavens fall completely (meaning, being completely destroyed, erased, not just being shut-down, and shut-off from the outside realm, as the Heavens are a different dimension, existing in the main one), then the realm will slowly, wither away as well.
The laws will weaken, the energy will start to slip away into the void, and the neighbouring realms, and the laws themselves that keep all the creation together, will come loose, and the matter will face destruction.
This is the “pressure” reason on why, or the punishing reason on why, the experts give their lives for the Heavens.
The second, and the “rewarding” reason on why they are willing to go to such lengths, is because, the Heavens are the manifestation of the realm’s laws and wishes, thus working for the Heavens gives merit, for all the employees.
This merit, is the same as the one everybody knows about, the one gotten, by following “do good deeds, and punish evil” tenet, just one on a magnified and passive level, as the ones in the employment of the Heavens, get their wages in the form of merits.
Be it actively, or passively helping the Heavens, one will be rewarded by merits.
And with merits, anything is possible, merits are innately capable of changing: one’s fate, potential, talent, awakening one’s hidden traits, bloodlines, enhancing one’s strength, lengthening one’s lifespan, changing one’s demeanour, and many more.
With such a reward, and such a punishment, it’s no wonder, that there are plenty of talents, both mortal, and godlike that wish to work in such an environment.
Albeit, not everybody can work in the Heavenly Courts.
This is not a question just on talents, upbringing, or wealth, but a question of character.
Corruption, albeit not, non-existent, is hardly seen in the Heavens, at least in the form in which, it is seen in the mortal world, as the laws themselves, lessen the merits one gain, after doing a deed for other benefits, than those benefits the realm gets.
Meaning, you can gift precious resources to someone with an official position in the Heavens, but only to ease up your relation with that person, and maybe make a good impression, other than that you won’t be able to gain a 100% certain promise out of anyone in an official position, as that threatens their merit rewards.
As a short conclusion: you can see the Heavenly Courts, as the brain of the realm.
It solves the problems of the realm, while also making sure, to enhance, and strengthen the realm’s forces slowly, but surely.
This is just a general description, I will come another day, and taking the 9 bloodlined Beast Realm’s Heavenly Court as an example, I will explain, the Departments, and why, and what exactly they do.
That’s it.
Have a nice day.

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