The Celestial Realm

Hello there earthlings,

Today, I will talk about the Celestial Realm, and try to describe its peculiarities.
First of all, I need to clarify, that this realm is indeed often called the Celestial Court, and indeed, it has a myriad of different realms under its domain. (Immortal, Beast, Dragon, Buddhist, Insect, Demon, Undead, Fairy, Elemental, Automaton, and many more race’s realms, are all under the jurisdiction of the Celestial Realm, due to its reputation)
The Celestial Realm, is a Primordial Realm, that actually breaks, what I’ve previously established in a way or another.
I’ve said, that one can’t create a Primordial Realm from nothing, but one can upgrade one’s realm, all the way to the Primordial rank, if one works hard enough, and is lucky.
The Celestial Emperor, or Heavenly Emperor (I know it’s confusing, but you will understand in a second), has seen, the potential of the Heavenly Courts, that appear naturally in the realms, so he went, and poached, or stole, hundreds of thousands of Heavenly Courts from different realms, and fused them together, with his own realm’s Heavenly Court.
The fusion went even better than expected, and the Heavenly Courts of the realm, expanded tremendously, and broke through the pocket dimension, overlapping with the realm itself.
That’s how the Celestial Realm formed, and became a Primordial Realm, and this is also why, it is often called the Celestial Court, the entire realm, functions as a Heavenly Court, and the Celestial Emperor is supreme in his realm, as the laws are at the tip of his fingers.
And due to being a Heavenly Court in nature, the Celestial Realm, affects the laws of its neighbouring realms, that’s why many realms are under its domain, as their laws (laws as in rules after which the realm functions, not legislation) , are more or less regulated by the Celestial Court. (also, the hundreds of thousands of realms that remained without Heavens, were annexed by the Celestials, and became theirs).
Now, about the natives of the Celestial Realm, the Celestial Race, is a race of high-born lineage, their history stretching through the entire multi-verse.
They are strong, disciplined, but thankfully for the other races, their pure lineages fertility is low, thus the pure blood Celestials are the noble ones, while half-bloods are the main part of their force. (force as in work force, fighting force, everything)
The Celestial Realm itself, is almost endless, filled with riches, especially since it can siphon the resources of the Heavenless realms, and use them to create those resources in the Celestial Realm. (that’s how the rumour, of unending mines came to being, as the mines of the Celestials, show no signs of depleting, but if one checks the annexed realms, it may terrify them, how poor those realms can be)
By the way, indeed The Celestial Emperor, is one of the strongest experts in this quadrant, hailed at the same level as The Netherworld King, The Abyss Overlords(10 Ancient Ghosts and Spirit Entities that exist since forever), Immortal Ancestor (Supposedly, the first being to ascend to immortality), and Dragon Ancestor (Supposedly, the very first dragon).
I could talk countless months, about the imperialistic Celestials, and their ways, but it’s a waste of time, since sooner or later, Sophia will interact with them, while in consequence, the author will surely write about them.
That’s it for now.
Until next time, have a nice day.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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