The Primordial Immortal Realm

Hello there earthlings,

Today, I will talk about the Primordial Immortal Realm, trying to describe it, in a general way.
Just like the other Primordial Realms, this one as well is outside the space-time continuum area, in which the other realms reside, but it’s overlooking all the other Immortal Realms that are in this quadrant.
It’s boundless and rich in resources, with countless of galaxies under the rule of one or more Immortal families.
This Primordial Realm, houses 3 great families, with each having an everlasting bloodline, with their descendants being born with a strength at the True Deity Stage, or more.
But, just as previously mentioned, their strength is sealed and children start from the mortal stages, to build a proper foundation, that will be unshaken in face of mistakes. (while cultivating, be it energy, soul, or laws, there are high risks, of wandering too far into the unknown, and damaging oneself, but with a great foundation, the damage’s extent can be controlled)
The 3 great families are: the Teness Family, the Lught Family and the Grereus Family, each having a dominion over thousands of galaxies in the Primordial Immortal realm, and countless Immortal realms in this quadrant. (and who knows, if they have control over even more realms, after all, all the rumours we know off, pertain only this part of the multi-verse)
Besides the 3 great families, there is the Immortal King, who is also hailed as one of the strongest experts in this quadrant of the multi-verse.
He is mysterious, and rarely takes action, letting the 3 great families take care of most of the problems, the immortals may face.
The Immortal Race itself, is a top rated power, with immortal energy flowing through them, instead of other types of energy.
Immortal Energy is the end result, of many cultivation techniques, being the purified, and refined version of the lower types of energies. (If Sophia continues her path, she could generate Immortal Energy if she wants to, but other types as well, as she’s quite crafty, she maybe able to generate multiple types, in one body, which is terribly hard to be done)
I doubt it’s a surprise, but other than the 3 great families, there are countless clans, and sects that hold the power in the Primordial Immortal realm.
The sects are usually less restricted, with more members, while the clans/families, are the ones with heavy restrictions, few in number, but highest loyalty, as most members are blood relatives.
Caedes, Sophia’s husband comes from an Immortal realm, so it’s sure, that in future adventures, we will visit one, so I will be able to come up, and clarify more things, about the Immortal Realms.
That’s it.
Until next time, have a nice day.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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