The Realm of Hell

Hello there earthlings,

Today, I will talk about Hell, as it’s commonly called, or if you wish, the full designation: Realm of Hell, or Hell Realm, works either way.
Now, this Hell, is more or less, the Hell you heard about in your realm as well.
As it’s a place filled with demons, wars, and corruption.
But that’s where the similarities end, also, corruption as in corrosive atmosphere, behaviour, aura, and not corruption as in dishonest or fraudulent behaviour.
Just like in any other realm, individual behaviour, differs, form one being to another. (Yes, little earthlings, this means, what you think it means, there are good demons as well, not that I like this term, “good”, or “bad”, these kind of things are subjective, and doesn’t matter on the bigger scale of things)
Now about Hell, it’s a rich in resources, heavily influenced by war, fight, battle, conflict related laws, realm.
As a Primordial Realm, it’s almost boundless, endless in riches, and has plenty of tribes that are stronger than one might think.
Hell’s primary task, or passive status, is “a realm that welcomes those enjoying an affinity towards chaos, and conflict”
Again, this affinity for conflict, chaos, is not necessarily evil, don’t forget, the greatest warriors, generals, emperors, heroes, protectors of a land, are all figures, who are blessed in the arts of a battle, of war, which both, are part of the camp of conflicts, and chaos. (this although, doesn’t mean that everyone who loves to fight, battle, or is an expert of warring, will end up in Hell. The criteria for this is quite simple: it depends how one’s soul feels like. If a being thinks it would be suitable to continue the next life in the mortal realms, they probably will be reincarnated in the mortal realms, if not, and they wish for a more, interesting, and difficult life, they will end up in Hell.)
Now, how do, these characters prone towards these conflicts, wars, end up in Hell?
It’s quite simple, they descend there, after passing through the Reincarnation Bridge, in the Netherworld Realm.
So, from whence did the “place of torture” rumour come, about Hell?
Well, it came from Hell itself, as it’s pure torture for those of average or below strength, so without an Half-Step God King Stage strength, one is equal to livestock.
Nothing like “being explicitly tortured for the sins you’ve done”, although such a dimension, exists in several realms, especially in realms governed over by justice, or by a holy religion.
And why is Hell, such a torture for the weaker ones? Because due to its nature, warring is a hobby, so the Demon Lords, and Demon Kings, Emperors, and sometimes, a bored Ancient Demon might wake up, and start a Hell widespread war.
Now, about it’s native inhabitants, you guessed it: it’s the Demon Race, congratulations.
The Demon race, is as varied, if not even more, than the Undead Race, as the souls sent here, take on forms of tribes, that were birthed by general concepts of the laws of Hell. (this means, that there are Demons birthed by Hell itself, and Demons who reincarnated into Demons after dying as another race)
The main tribes although, are those of the seven sins: Pride, Wrath, Sloth, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, and Greed, as these are the main causes of most conflicts, thus it’s normal, for these sins to birth tribes that hold the sin they are birthed by, as personality. (most popular example in your realm is, Lust=Succubus Demons. Don’t be embarrassed, it’s normal to lust after perfect appearances, and Succubusses are built in a way they bring out the primal desires out of everyone)
After the seven sins, status wise, there are tribes birthed by laws as Death (the most common result of big conflicts), War (result of conflict arising), and Slaughter (proper usage of a conflict) .
Now, the energy used by the Demon Race, is the Corrupted Energy, and as I just mentioned in the beginning of this post, it’s an energy, that can corrupt, corrode, other energies, and even personalities. (See what happened with the Elves, in the book written by the author).
Corrupted Energy, is at the same level, as the Undead Energy.
That’s it for now.
Until next time, have a nice day.

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