The Abyss Realm

Hello there earthlings,

Today, I will talk about The Abyss, a Primordial Realm, that baffles a lot of the great experts, that reside in the great multi-verse. (extended multi-verse, and not in this single area, in which we reside).
This is the realm, which houses, two of the most elusive races, the Ghost Race, and the Spiritual Entities. (Spiritual Entities, aren’t equal to the Spirit Race, as the Spirit Race is birthed by laws, and energy, Spiritual Entities, are the result, of the combination of the soul and energy of a living being)
Now, the Abyss, is a realm, that exists since a long time, and it’s one of the few realms, which is continuously expanding, even now, when the energy is already at its richest.
The Abyss, has no ruler, and is boundless, endless, filled with riches, and divided in countless regions.
These regions differ from each other starkly, and house different tribes, races in it, with countless Ghost/Spirit Monarchs(True Deity stage), Ghost/Spirit Emperors(Elder Deity Stage), or even Ancient Spirits/Ghosts(null Stage).
Now, I know, that using regions, you would think “oh, then it’s a realm with a lot of different continents, but wait, this is a Primordial Realm, so if Omni’s information is right, then each continent is as big as a planet, haha, a bit big, but anything is possible in the multi-verse”, you would be wrong, thinking this… each region, is as big, as a realm, and layered. (you could think of it as the 18 levels of Hell, in Buddhism).
You can consider, the Abyss, as a multi-verse of its own, in the great multi-verse.
Now, you can imagine, how colossal the population of the Abyss dwellers is, but nothing is completely unbalanced, in the universe.
While, it’s relatively easy to enter the Abyss, and travel through the regions (Relatively easy = at least Half Step Deity stage is needed), it’s almost impossible, without a spatial rift, connecting the Abyss, to a realm in this quadrant of the multi-verse, to exit/leave, the Abyss.
Now, before talking about the Ghosts, and Spirit Entities, I need to clarify something about the Netherworld, and Innate Death Gods.
Albeit, their job is to ferry souls over to the Reincarnation Bridge, and the Netherworld possesses a great amount of Emissaries, not even that number, coupled with each realm’s Innate Death Gods, is 1% of how many souls die, in the great multi-verse.
And many among these souls, reincarnate through different means, these are the ones hated by the Fate, and Death Gods.
But these souls, are the stronger, or even the strongest one.
But! There is an even greater number of souls, that being unable to be sent to the Netherworld, by the law cycle, by Innate Gods, or Emissaries, is “poached” by the Abyss.
This is the peculiarity of the Abyss, not just it is able to grow continuously, but it’s also able to absorb souls, and birth Spirits or Ghosts.
Spirits are of a higher tier, in the beginning, due to them being not just souls, but also the energy left by the living being, after being dead.
Ghosts, start lower, due to being solely, soul based entities, but they have unfathomable means, and are a true headache to be dealt with, especially, since Ghosts, have an easier time than the Spirits, to cross the barriers around the Abyss realm.
Now, it’s normal, but I feel that it’s my obligation to tell you, that there are countless tribes of Spirit Entities, and Ghosts.
The higher ranked Spirit Entities, and Ghosts, all resemble their previous life’s form, and are named True Spirit Entities, True Ghosts, each of these start at the True Deity Stage, from the very first moment they awaken.
Just like in Hell, the Abyss, is a warmonger realm, with conflicts arising between the regions constantly, but contrary to hell, Abyss possesses all kind of energies.
Ghosts are mainly Yin energy based, but the Spirit Entities energy varies, just like those in the multi-verse.
The mainstream theory about the Abyss, is that once a rift is formed, Ghosts and maybe Spirit Entities, will start attacking the realm, the Abyss got connected to, and in case of success in conquering it, the Abyss will be able to absorb the realm, and add, another region to its composition.
That’s it for now.
Until next time, have a nice day.

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