The Netherworld

Hello there earthlings,

Today, I will talk about the Netherworld, also knows as the Underworld. (depending on whom you talk to, you can hear this realm, called in both ways)
First of all, yes, this is the land of the dead, you have heard about, in your legends, myths, and stories, but no, it’s not a barren land, destitute of any kind of resources.
The only reason, why this misconception, has been born, is because, the core of the realm, the Netherworld King’s Palace(or simply the Netherworld Palace), a region where the reincarnation takes place, is barren, due to a reason or another. (it’s rumoured because, that’s how the King fancies it, liking the coarse, simple look of the land)
And those that have reincarnated, often tell the stories, of their fragmented memories of the Netherworld, thus, the barren land rumour’s existence.
Now, in reality, the Netherworld, being a Primordial Realm, it’s not just boundless, but also, unimaginably rich in resources, and tribes.
The native race of the underworld, is the Undead Race, which are souls reincarnated into this Race.
Now, the Undead Race aren’t living, but aren’t dead either, they are very much alive, just not in the normal sense, due to them, having undead energy coursing through their veins, and not life energy. (life energy is the general term for the energy coursing through the body of most living beings, but it can be categorised into mana, spiritual essence, ki, chakra, and many more, although vitality, or life essence, is omni-present).
The Undead Race, has a myriad of tribes, and branches, with varying strengths, but one thing is sure, the Undead Race, gets stronger the more they fight, and the older they get, while their lifespans are the longest for any entity in the multi-verse. (that is not to say, Immortals, Divine Dragons, Eternal Beings, Chaos Beasts, and the other races have a shorter lifespan in a general view, but at the same stage of lifeform existence, they fall short, from the tremendous lifespan of an undead. Simple example: skeleton, one of the lowest undead lifeforms, at least in its very first stages, has a lifespan of 500 thousand years, compared to a Dragon’s lifespan of 150 thousand as a dragonling, it’s 3.33 longer)
Now, the other tremendously spread rumour, regarding the Undead Race, is that they are the enemies, of all living things.
This is again, a misconception, as they are also living, though low-levelled undeads, that poses no unique features, or characteristics, and have no wisdom or consciousness, could be considered dead, or puppets.
And also, because they aren’t aggressive naturally, or innately towards other lifeforms, its just that, the undead energy is a higher form of energy than most life energies, thus its automatically gathering life energy, and transforming it into undead energy.
This is why, if not controlled, the aura of the undeads can create, “death zones”, but this works only in low, and maybe middle realms, as the energy of upper, top, peak top and primordial realms, is able to stand its ground, against the undead energy.
Now that the natives of the Netherworld are kind of described, more or less, let’s talk about the Netherworld itself.
The ruler of the Netherworld, the Netherworld King, is the one in possession, of one of the strongest artefacts in the entire multiverse.
I know, that both Sophia, and I, mentioned “this space-time continuum area” a lot of times, and indeed, this area of millions, billions of realms, is just one corner, of the entirety of the multiverse, and this Netherworld, only takes care of this part of the multiverse, but in records, it is said, that each part of the multiverse, is presided over, by a Netherworld, Hell, Abyss, these three, are everywhere.
Now, back to our artefact, the Book of Life-And-Death, in which, the life, and the cause of death, of each individual in the countless realms, that this Netherworld presided over, is recorded clearly. (albeit, due to different reasons, there might be alterations to these records).
The Netherworld King himself is someone of the Null Stage, but at the end of this stage, if it even has an end. He is unfathomable, and even the Deaths of the realms, are his subordinates.(here the “Deaths” refer to each realm’s Death, the physical manifestation of death (the state of being dead) sorry, but I had to do this word play)
Besides the Deaths, there are plenty of officials in the Netherworld Palace, as its not different at all, from the Heavenly Courts.
It has different departments for each region of the multi-verse its responsible over off, and has countless emissaries that help, the realms innate death gods, in reaping the souls of the dead.
Now, I know I said that the natives of the Netherworld Realm are the undead, but there are other races, that are closely related to the death laws.
Also, the Undead Race, has plenty undead realms under its control, as it would be foolish to think, that no Undead expert has ever went out, and built itself a realm of its own.
Overall, as a conclusion, the Netherworld, just as the Heavenly Courts, play a “passive” role in the big picture of the multi-verse, simply doing the tasks, that should be done, by them, but never underestimate them, as they are a force to be reckoned with. (after all, the King, can change the records of the Book of Life-and-Death).
That’s it for now.
Until next time, have a nice day.

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