The Primordial Realms

Hello there earthlings,

Today I will speak a bit more about the Primordial Realms.
I’ve chosen to expand the description of these realms, and not others because they are a bit different, you could even call them special.
One can’t create a Primordial Realm regardless how strong one is, because one can’t create a race that has a starting point at the True Deity level, neither can one put a race of such calibre in their realm, because frankly, they would be unable to force such a race to do so, but one can improve, one’s realm to the grade of the Primordial Realm.
As one would expect, each realm is vaster the higher grade it is, thus, the Primordial Realms, are the vastest and richest realms out there.
Despite the vast area, and the rich resources, the Primordial Realms, rarely host more than four to six races.
Albeit, it is as such, their population is usually staggering, still not as populated as the realms under it, but each race numbers in hundred millions( this is due to accumulation, their reproductive ability is quite bad), with the fact that the worst expert is a True Deity, it’s still a fearsome, and terrifying number.
One of the Primordial Realms that we’ve learnt about is the Primordial Immortal Realm, and that is the headquarters of each Immortal Realm in this space-time continuum area, while this Primordial Immortal Realm itself, is situated outside of the area.
There, three clans of immortals exist, where each offspring starts at the True Deity stage their cultivation journey (although, it’s a common practice to let younglings start from 0th stage, and “slowly” cultivate a solid foundation up until the True Deity Stage)
The other one, that was mentioned by Sophia, is the Celestial Realm, also known as the Celestial Court’s Realm.
Here we have the Celestials, that are born at the True Deity Stage. (this realm is a bit special, as it’s an amalgamation of several realm’s Heavenly Court’s)
The pantheon realms, some Divine Dragon realms, some Immortal realms, are all peak-top realms, and if their leaders could advance in their understanding of supreme laws, and instil a peak eternal bloodline into a clan/person, then they could slowly upgrade their realm to the Primordial grade.
It isn’t hard to understand why they are the hegemons of the multi-verse, as a single step at the True Deity stage forward would take thousands if not hundreds of thousands of years for the talented.
So a force with True Deities to spare, is a force to be reckoned with.
The Hell, Abyss, Underworld/Netherworld, are also Primordial Realms, but they are special realms, with unique functions, with different power levels, and not just races that start at the True Deity level, but nonetheless they are Primordial Realms, even more important than the normal ones.
I shall explain each special Primordial Realm, and other interesting features of a realm, in detail, on a future date.
That’s it for now.
Until next time, have a nice day.

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