Describing the realms 2nd Instance: Ranking

Hello there earthlings,

Today, I will continue talking about the realms, in the great multiverse, while trying to be more specific, and detailed regarding their ranking.
Previously, I mentioned how the realms are ranked as follows: low, mid, upper, top, and primordial. With dying, and dead being below low. Fledgling realms, realm seedlings, aren’t ranked, as its hard to determine if they will survive, or not.
Now, I will try my best to explain the differences between the ranks.
If I remember correctly, I already mentioned that a realm, before being properly developed, uses its energy for expansion, and after the expansion stopped, the energy will be generated, with different densities/qualities in different locations realm-wide continuously, thus giving the realm better quality matter/resources.
This energy we talk about is quantified in numbers that we won’t be able to finish saying even after years, decades, so there is a proper comparison done, with low realms as the basis.
It is said that if the low realm has the energy to give birth to creatures strong enough in the mortal stages in their infancy ( In the 9 bloodlined Beast Realm’s case this means children that are at birth anywhere between normal to 4th stage), then:
-Middle Realm energy quality and quantity is abundant enough to nurture creatures that are gods (low, mid, high) at birth
-Upper Realm energy quality and quantity is abundant enough to nurture creatures that are God Kings at birth (don’t look down on this one realm an Early God King is at least a couple hundred times stronger than a peak High Staged God)
-Top Realm energy quality and quantity is abundant enough to nurture creatures that are God Emperors at birth
-Primordial Realm energy quality and quantity is abundant enough to nurture creatures that are True Deities at birth
Now, these are general assumptions, depending on resources fed to the fetus, depending on their bloodline, depending on where they are conceived, where they are delivered, by whom are they delivered, depending on their talent, depending on their fate, these starting points can be higher and lower (sometimes lower is better than higher, giving a chance for a much more solid foundation)
Okay, this is the theoretical ranking of the realms, but this ranking can be changed, by the fate of the realm, and the events the realm goes through.
Each realm goes through a Realm Ending Event(REE) after an entire Realm Cycle, which can prove to be a calamity or a blessing.
The REE, tests the realm’s inhabitants, as fate is fair, one should enjoy what one deserves. The entire space-time continuum works like this, nobody knows exactly why, but a somewhat “equivalent exchange” values are at the basis of this test.
If one passes through the REE, the realm is sure to go at least one rank up (low-middle, middle-upper, so on), but if one fails, or barely survives than the status of the realm will be shaken, maybe even degraded.
Now, this REE can be anything, foreign invasion, combination with another realm, chaotic energy flux (which makes cultivation harder), energy drought (energy disappears completely, experts become mortals and slowly wither), corruption from primordial realms, riot from a native force, and many more.
The foreign invasion, corruption can happen even outside an REE, but if the scale is big enough, than it will be labelled as REE anyway.
But on the good side, there are other ways a realm can advance, for example: overall cultivation upgrade (large scale advances in cultivation, which makes the purification of the energy faster ( cultivation=breathing energy), thus fastening the upgrade of the quality/quantity of the energy), and through law advancement (if someone grasps a law outside the limits of the realm, the realm will be slowly upgraded wholly, this means if someone grasps a law that is equivalent to a middle realm law in a low realm, the low realm’s laws will slowly be exchanged to the quality of a middle realm’s laws)
Quite simple, yet complex, I love these things.
That’s it for now.
Until next time, have a nice day.

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