Describing the realms First instance: Birth

Hello there earthlings,

Today, I will try to clarify, how and why the realms are differentiated.
First of all, yes, realm= universe, and the dimensions that I’ve previously mentioned (Fairies Dimension, or the Spirit Dimension), are rather pocket dimensions, than parallel dimensions, I think I may have expressed myself wrongly.
These dimensions are likely attached or hovering around the main dimension, the realm itself, while parallel dimension do exist, but it’s even harder to find them, than the pocket dimensions. (as they exist on a whole different frequency of existence)
Now, back to the main topic, the Realm Ranking, is what is used as a common knowledge point in the great multi-verse.
Let’s begin with the possible ways for a realm to be born, according to the books we’ve read during our years exploring, there are three ways for a realm to be born.
The first way would be the one, that is often mentioned in the novel, meaning the Realm Creator way.
Here an expert uses its energy, and law manipulation to draw out the forces of the void (mostly space, time, chaos laws are drawn out, as these are harder to cultivate), and create a realm seedling.
This realm seedling, is a delimitated space-time zone, solidified, and separate from the void of the space-time continuum area. Here, the laws, and energy of the expert is gathered, and continuously purified, and multiplied, increasing its quality, and density.
When the quality, and density surpasses the threshold that the matter, and space itself can withstand, it implodes, forcefully, and ferociously expanding the realm seedling.
At this expanding state, the realm seedling, becomes an infantile realm, the moment the expanding stops is when it becomes a full-fledged realm.
And depending on how the energy was gathered, spread, and what quality it has reached during the teenage years of the realm, it will then be categorised as: Low, Middle, Upper, Top, Primordial realm. Below the low realms are dying, and dead/shattered realms.
The second way to create a realm is to internalise the previous process, and create a realm, or even more inside your body. This is how the previous way starts as well, but in the end, they choose to leave a simple space inside their bodies, while they pour their energy, and understanding of laws outwards.
The realms created through the internal method are ranked the same way, just like this, there is a bigger danger for the creator during the Realm Ending Events, although this method guarantees a stronger body, greater endurance, and longer lifespan for the experts that choose it.
And the last way for a realm to come into being is the natural way, meaning that the endlessness of the space births a realm, through accumulation of energy and laws from surrounding already established realms.
This natural way is the slowest, but it’s the most stable way for a realm to be birthed, and usually these realms, are above average in quality as well.
So, for now, these are the ways I know about, that a realm can be birthed.
That’s it for now.
Until next time, have a nice day.

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