The 9 bloodlined Beast Tribe

Hello there earthlings,

We’ve been talking about things that happen, or exist in the 9 bloodlined Beast Realm, but I’ve yet to explain what the 9 bloodlined Beast Tribe is.
First of all, the 9 bloodlined Beast Realm is created by an expert at least at the peak of True Deity stage from the 9 bloodlined Beast Tribe. (yeah, that’s possible, yeah, this realm is not the first realm with the 9 bloodlined Beasts, nor is it the first beast realm)
The 9 bloodlined Beast are an ancient race in the multi-verse, with a mountainous bear body, upon which rest 9 different beast heads.
Each head giving the body, a different bloodline, hence the name, while also giving the tribe’s status, and prowess as a top notch force in all the realms.
Before anyone mentioning how overpowered that is, I agree with you, but the Heavens are fair, not all the 9 bloodlines are of the same grade, rarely do true prodigies appear that have more than 4 bloodlines at emperor or divine level.
And it’s also tremendously much more difficult for this race, to enhance, purify and upgrade their bloodline rank.
Their most notable trait is without doubt their 9 headedness, but here comes the difference.
Their heads are almost always in the same order, from left to right: bird, reptile, bear, wolf, boar, tiger, mouse, ape, and badger.
Now, I haven’t specified what kind of tribe does each of these heads come from, because it’s all random.
The bird head can be that of a weak Wind Swift Swallow or even that of a Divine Phoenix, the reptile head can be that of a Mud Snake or a Divine Dragon, the bear head can be a simple Giant Strength Bear head or a Cosmic Bear head and so on.
It depends on the bloodline, stronger bloodlines give birth to affinities towards a stronger race thus, gaining the appearance of such a race.
The previous sentence means: they are born with 9 bloodlines slowly forming in them, after the first mortal stage they start awakening them, and depending on what kind of bloodline they awaken, will shape their heads, yes, this means they are born with a single head at first.
Uni-bloodlines do not exist, but there were instances where all the 9 bloodlines were from a single race (for example all 9 were different branches of the phoenixes, bears and so on) , so the individual had 9 heads that looked different but similar at the same time.
This varied repertoire of bloodlines, gives them an edge over multiple enemies, as they can more or less master an array of abilities.
And of course, because an 9 bloodlined beast expert created the realm, it’s normal that the royal tribe of the entire realm, is from that expert’s bloodline.
That’s it, hope it was helpful.
Until next time, have a nice day.

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