The Innate Gods

Hello there earthlings,

Today, I will try to describe you the status, nature, and traits of the Innate Gods.
The Innate Gods are not a race, but rather a special species in the multi-verse.
Just like how I previously mentioned, Fairies, Elementals, Spirits, could be considered relatives of the Innate Gods, because they are also birthed by the laws, and truth be told, there are Fairy, Elemental, Spirit Innate Gods, but Innate Gods can be of any race, that has passed by, their birthing ground.
Innate Gods are usually birthed by uni-lawed zones, where said law’s essence is in abundance. There are cases of multi-lawed innate gods of course.
Innate Gods, are different than the Fairies, Elementals, Spirits, as they are completely unable to learn more than 2 laws: the laws they were birthed from, and the other extreme of that law (water-fire, wood-metal, earth-wind, life-death and so on)
While Fairies, Spirits also find it hard to learn other laws they are able, with the Elementals, they are also almost incapable of learning other laws, but they have a set natural limit to how well they can master the law that birthed them, while the Innate Gods are limitless.
It’s exactly as it sounds, they have sole affinity towards these 2 laws, but they aren’t masters of it from the get-go. (They aren’t like Fairies, Spirits or Elementals, they have a higher affinity than these Races, but they can’t just completely control them from the get-go, they have to learn. And because of this, they understand it better, and can progress further down the path, than these 3 Races)
They slowly learn to control it, and study it in-depth, until they reach complete mastery.
Innate Gods are also called rulers of a certain law, because they aren’t tasked with maintaining the well-being of said law in the realm, but also are sent to teach about it, and punish those that are trying to corrupt the law, or rule over it forcefully.
Often, the Innate Gods are those that actually surpass the limits of their realm, and bring a certain law to new heights. (for example, a low-realm Innate God, bringing its law to mid realm standards and so on)
All the Innate Gods have their own planets/dimensions where they gather, under the strongest Innate God of their specific law, and complete tasks that are needed to be done.
A lot of Innate Gods are also employed by the Heavenly Courts of a realm, as deities of certain regions.
That’s it for now.
Until next time, have a nice day.

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