Insect Tribes

Hello there earthlings,

I am not sure how far have you read the story of the author, or if he even published it yet
Not really sure if I want to search into it, as I will most probably be disappointed.
But, there is a need to talk about the insects, and insect tribes of this realm.
We don’t know exactly, as the records about these tribes are mostly erased, but in olden eras, the insect tribes, were just as numerous as the land dweller, sea dweller and different sky dweller tribes.
Now, most insects are in form of primordial beasts, or even lesser than that, simple animalistic creatures, that maintain the ecosystem of the flora.
Bees, ants, butterflies, flies, worms, caterpillars and a couple more useful ones have been left to exist not only in the form of mindless creatures, but also in the form of proper tribes.
Now the reason for this is pretty simple, for one, they do take humanoid form on, but the same as sea dwellers, they also maintain their wings, mandibles, antennas or some defining feature, which isn’t that unsettling, but indeed, stands out.
While, the worst thing, is that their reproduction was at least a couple hundred times faster than for the normal tribes, and it would still be, if the remaining insect tribes, wouldn’t voluntarily control their reproduction.
It didn’t stop at this, they had strong outer shells which required a lot of resources to maintain and upgrade, thus their desire for resources was the highest of all the races.
Coupled with their overwhelming numbers, they tried a several times to overturn the reign of the royal family, and rule over the realm, while also devouring quite the number of weaker tribes.
These actions, have led to public outrage, most “righteous” tribes united against them, and besides the few who swore oaths, exiled the rest of the tribes from the realm, killing most of them, damaging this race at its very core.
Now, Sophia didn’t talk a lot about these races because she was frankly disappointed for the lack of insect tribes. She always found the insect tribes interesting, even though mostly evil depictions of them has been made, actually, this was the very reason why she thought that they were interesting.
If everyone said they were evil, something must be wrong at the core of it, she refused to believe what the masses said.
Thus, she avoided commenting on the topic, because it would be too subjective, and before who’ve truly read the story, yes, indeed, she also loves insects, due to the honey made by bees.
As a simple conclusion, I can say that the insect tribes are dreaded by this realm, due to their tactics of simply drowning their enemies with the human (insect) wave tactics, while also due to their ability to devour other tribes, and attain some of their unique attributes, thus evolving further.
There is a saying in this realm, hidden in some documents in Sir Treanor’s study, so it’s not a modern saying, which is as follows: “There is no other tribe that could survive other than the Insect Tribe”
But don’t worry, my sixth sense tells me that in the future, we shall surely meet insects, so you will get proper descriptions of them.
Until next time, have a nice day.

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