The Undead Race

Hello there earthlings,

Today I will try to describe The Undead Race, its prowess, and status in the 9 bloodlined Beast Realm.
The Undead Race lives mostly in the Netherworld/Underworld, but they occupied a small territory in the 9 bloodline Beast Realm, as well.
The Undead Race is similar to the Demon Race in the aspect that they are also souls reborn , but the difference comes in their destination and in the energy they use.
They are reborn in the Underworld, not Hell, while the energy that fuels them is undead energy not corrupted energy.
The ranking of the underworld is simpler: there are low, middle and high rank undeads, with high-rank undeads being able to continuously evolve to reach higher stages in cultivation.
There are various types of undead, but the general rule is that, stronger one is, the more humanoid they look in their normal state (normal state doesn’t mean true form, don’t forget that everyone in the multi-verse, tries to hold a humanoid form, as they are energy efficient, also they can have avatars, true forms, incarnations or possessing other life-forms)
The Netherworld is endless, and despite being also known as The World of the Dead it is bountiful and rich in resources, but it’s core, the Palace of the Dead, where the King of the Netherworld, is completely barren, full of spirits of the dead, being the core of the Reincarnation Cycle, that governs in most part of this space-time continuum quadrant.
Though, it is rumoured, that actually, it is completely barren, because that’s how the King fancies it.
Once someone dies in this space-time continuum quadrant, they are sent to the Palace of the Dead to be sorted and sent to a place of reincarnation. ( to the Bridge of Reincarnation)
The destinations could be Hell, Abyss, The Underworld, Celestial Realm or reincarnated back into the world of “mortals”. (mortal worlds – myriad of low, mid and upper realms, top realms are not mortal worlds, and it’s rare for one to reincarnate into a top world)
Exception being :1)the upper Buddhist Realms, where an innate reincarnation cycle has been set, and the souls that pass in these realms, are sent to this reincarnation cycle and not to the Palace of the Dead.
2) The Pantheon realms, where each Pantheon, has its own version of Underworld, and reincarnation or afterlife version.
The undead are also known as the living dead, due to them being a new life-form, being fuelled by the undead energy, they are resilient, and strong.
Their strength varies depending on what kind of undead they are, there are plenty of undead strong in either soul, body, or energy cultivation, while the experts are focusing in the cultivation of all the three paths.
The most popular undead types are the Ghosts, Vampires, Liches, Skeletal Dragons, Zombies, Skeletons, Banshees, Ghouls, Shadow Entities and the Necromancers.
But, the Ghosts, are an exception as they live in the Abyss not the Underworld, because it’s colder, and completely extreme yin based. (the Abyss is complex)
Each tribe has its own ruler, but when realm-wide matters are considered, they are all under the ruling of the King of the Underworld, and different Lords under the King.
No worries, I will explain the realms ranking, and the few realms that are even outside it.
Necromancers are of different races at the beginning, but if they want to thoroughly learn the arts of the dead, they have to convert their energy into undead energy completely, thus being considered undeads themselves already.
Overall, in the 9 bloodlined Beast Realm, the undeads aren’t a proper power, they lurk in the shadow of the dead planets, and amongst interstellar battlefields.
But that doesn’t mean they aren’t a force to be reckoned with, especially, since their origin, is in a realm above the top-realms.
That’s it for now.
Until next time, have a nice day.

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