The Spirit Race

Hello there earthlings,

Today I will try to describe, the Sprit Race’s status, and prowess, in the 9 bloodlined Beast Realm.
The Spirit Race, as it’s obvious from its name, is a race of spiritual entities, that live on a different dimension, but in the same Realm.
This is possible due to the fact that this dimension, is not parallel to the main one, but rather inhabits it, there is a resonance between the two, so the Spirits can cross over whenever they want, but normally, the Spirit Race’s dimension, also called Garden of Purity, is not easily found, as the Spirit Race can hide it, if they will it.
As previously mentioned, the Fairy Race and the Elemental Race, was originally one and the same with the Spirit Race, but due to the fairies and elementals rising popularity, and rising authority, these two parts of the Spirit Race, got out under this label, and founded their own Races.
The Spirit Race, are birthed by different laws, and they are one with the laws, this means they have control over it, but they are unable to act against natural order, as they are one with the Cycle of laws.
This is more or less, the same with the Fairy and the Elemental Race, but they have a higher freedom of choice, that is one of the reason they were able to establish themselves as proper races, but they still can’t destroy, or disrupt on a large scale, the natural order of things, well, without falling to some kind of corruption.
The types of Spirits are the same as the types of laws, but as they are part of the Cycle of laws, they are usually herding the laws, rather than controlling them.
Also, despite being intelligent, they are rather pure, and easily tricked, as they are way too close to the natural laws, natural order, they think everything is following the rules set by the realm, which is obviously not true for most living beings.
Overall, their status is that of a strange race, hidden behind a veil, taking care of the realm’s businesses, in a natural way, not like how the Fairies, and the Heavenly Court forcefully changes bad outcomes into good ones.
Their prowess would be top-tier, if they would be able to use it properly, against enemies, and not just for their tasks.
They are also a matriarchal society, with the Empress taking care of the needs of all the Spirits.
That’s it for today.
Until next time, have a nice day.

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