The Phoenix Race

Hello there earthlings,

Today, I will try to describe the Phoenix Race’s status, and prowess they have in the 9 bloodlined Beast Realm.
The Phoenix Race has a lot of different tribes under its wing, and the race itself is considered a top race in the entire multi-verse just like the Dragon Race.
The behaviour of the phoenixes is varied, but due to their status in the multi-verse, they are rather demanding, and prideful.
They are masters of the soul/mental cultivation path, which strengthens their flames, and their control over them, while each phoenix tribe, disregarding what kind of phoenix it is, can undergo nirvanic baptism, which strengthens their bodies. (literally burst into flames, “die”, and be reborn. This strengthens their bodies, while their special soul cultivation methods, ensure that even through rebirth, their memories remain intact.)
The Phoenixes are almost as rich as the Dragons, while their status may even exceed the Dragons as they are not as straightforward, and know how to negotiate, blackmail and scheme.
They own at least a couple Galaxies in the 9 bloodlined Beast Realm, thus earning the status of a top tier power, while the prowess of the Race is also between the top of the realm, being plenty in number, with strong connections with both current, and upper realm powers.
The most popular Phoenix tribes in this realm are the Ice Phoenixes, Golden Flame Phoenixes, Godly Phoenixes, Dark Flame Phoenixes, Pure Nirvanic Flame Phoenixes (an ancestral tribe), and the Draconic Phoenixes (strong bodies, strong souls, but due to this, it’s hard for them to break their limits)
The Phoenix Race is matriarchal, with their tribes being lead by their respective Empresses.
Overall, the Phoenix Race, despite being considered quite annoying by Sophia, is worth visiting, studying, and befriending.
That’s it.
Until next time, have a nice day.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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