The Demon Race

Hello there earthlings,

Today, I will talk a bit about the Demon Race, who are scarcely spread across the realm, but all are shady, eccentric and strong.
First of all, let’s talk about where do they come from.
They come from Hell, a special realm that’s connected to the entire space-time continuum area where the 9 bloodlined Beast Realm is situated.
This means, that this is the only Hell that exists for these realms… theoretically, Buddhists have their own Reincarnation cycle set up, so they have different Hell/Hells set up as well, but that’s another story.
So, about Hell, it’s not a wasteland, nor a perpetual torture chamber, albeit it’s not a pleasant place to be at.
From records, and recounting of several experts who’ve visited Hell (Sophia and I have yet to explore such a high ranked realm), Hell is the place where souls that are tainted by any kind of corruption are sent. (also, souls that are hell-bent *pun intended* on conflicts, are sent)
Demons are categorised depending of the quality of the soul, this in my personal opinion, is a wrong way to categorise them as their soul quality is improvable through self-cultivation.
First we have the first grade demons, those that have been birthed by damaged, or simply inferior quality souls.
These demons are usually demons who have a specific attributed strength, such as supernatural strength, elemental prowess, divination and so on. These strengths, are given by the places where the soul has spawned in Hell.
While the place where one’s soul is spawned in Hell, is heavily dependent on what kind of being one was, before reincarnating.
The most popular and well-known demon kind of this grade, are the elemental demons, who have quite the potential, even to become Demon Kings.
Then, we have the second grade demons, those that have been birthed by proper, complete souls, but average in quality.
These demons are the middle class of Hell’s ranking, and are usually officers in the armies of the Demon Kings, and Demon Lords.
Power wise, they are upgraded versions of the first grade demons.
And lastly, we have the third grade demons, the upper quality and special soul birthed demons.
These demons, not only are stronger, but they’ve usually retained more than half of their previous life/lives memories, sometimes even looking the same, as they looked when they were “alive” .
They are almost guaranteed to arrive at the Demon King stage, with high hopes of becoming at least half-step Demon Lords.
Also, these demons, while being under the rule of their own tribes/clans patriarch/matriarch, if war is considered, or realm-wide matters are considered, they are under Demon Kings, Demon Lords, or even under the rule of certain Ancestral Demons, that come out of seclusion to handle serious dangers/events.
And here comes the question : “ahm, but Omni, you haven’t told us what kind of tribes, clans of demons are? Like Imps and Succubusses? ” and you would be right, and wrong.
There aren’t demon demons, demon is a term for someone who has reborn in the constantly warring Hell Realm, where the law of cruelty, and laws of survival, and the strong prevail.
Those that are reborn here, use corrupted energy as their power source, thus being differentiated from the other living beings, but they can very well be dragon, bear, dog and so on tribes in Hell.
Of course, some unique tribes, that can be found natively only in Hell do exist, given birth by the combination of the Hellish laws and souls.
Like I already said for example, the corrupted beasts, are already part of the Demon Race, due to their energy being switched from life essence to corrupted essence.
Demon Kings are equivalent to God Emperors, while Demon Lord are equivalent to True Deities. Above that there are Demon Emperors (Elder Deities) and Ancestral Demons (Null Stage).
Hell is a place where one can feel the pain of dying but never truly die, that’s why wars are common place.
The only way for a demon to truly die in Hell, is to be completely purified by another energy source (soul energy, life essence, holy essence, dragon aura and so on) or to be eaten both body and soul by another demon.
So, weaker demons are often used as playthings for the stronger demons, waging wars for them, dying over and over, resurrecting and then fighting once more, this is where the perpetual torture idea must’ve come from, or at least that’s what Sophia and I theorise. (and also, this is why, the laws of war, conflict, battle, are one of the most important laws in Hell)
That’s all for now.
Until next time, have a nice day.

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