The Elven Race

Hello there earthlings,

Today I will try to describe the Elven Race’s, status, and prowess in the 9 bloodlined Beast Realm.
First of all, I have to clarify that the Elven Race’s origin is a mystery.
There are plenty of legends out there, which we’ve learned of, while visiting and helping the elves with the 7 sins.
There were five legends, of which I personally find more or less believable only two, and these two legends will I tell you now.
The first is about the Great Life Tree, that supports myriad realms on its branches, each leaf being a realm, has gathered essence for countless years, in the dark cosmos, before giving birth to a race, that were to be its children, and its caretakers.
This race was of course the Elven Race, and this is the reason they have a natural affinity to nature, wood, and forests in general.
I’ve found this legend more or less believable due to multiple reasons:
First of all, we’ve met Sir Treanor, who himself is a great World Tree, that is able to hold together an entire planet such as the Ancestral Planet effortlessly, while he himself not being a top expert (Sophia is a bit paranoid and she thinks, the Treanor we’ve met, is not even the true body or not the first true body at least)
And also, the great Mother Tree of the Elves is already developing itself a humanoid body, so it wouldn’t be hard to believe this legend.
Then, we’ve got to know, that the Earth Realm’s mythological pantheons do exist, in a form or another, thus the existence of an Yggdrasil like entity wouldn’t be weird.
The second legend is one that states that the Elven Race sprouted out in a faraway ancient realm, where the forests and nature ruled.
But one day, this realm has been attacked by an advanced civilisation, who was not afraid of vines, thorns, poison, or beast attacks, nor afraid of the wrath of the elements, thus a protector of greater qualities was needed.
So, the realm birthed a race with exceptional senses, and high affinity towards the law of nature, and anything related to it, as these were the laws that dominated the said realm.
And together with the realm’s efforts, the elves fought off the attackers.
Afterwards, due to the damages done by the war and battles, the realm taught the elves, how to care, how to heal nature itself, thus becoming the caretakers of it.
Since then, they’ve always lived in symbiosis with nature, mutually benefiting each other.
The Elven Race cultivates mostly pure life energy, but it’s an adaptable race, being able to cultivate through different systems as well, as they say “Nature is all loving, all encompassing”
They are a matriarchal society, with High Priestesses, Queens, or Empresses being at the top of the hierarchy.
Their status in the 9 bloodlined Beast Realm is that of a top rate power, as they own an entire galaxy as well being spread through the entire realm.
This is due to the fact that Beast Realm planets often possess an overwhelming amount of life essence, and thus they birth forests upon forests, which are naturally friendly environments for the elves.
The prowess of the elves is high, being exceptional scouts, and ranged experts, especially archers, and mages, but their Hidden Swordsmen are dangerous as well. (not hard to guess, that living, and breathing with the forest they live in, they are exceptional hunters, and stealth experts, so these qualities, shouldn’t come as a surprise)
Overall, they are a race of great importance in this realm, but being proud and aloof, and due to their personal preference of rather being solely dependent on nature, than asking help from other races, they are often besieged by multiple other races, because they lack alliances.
They are besieged due to their natural beauty, long lifespan, and talent in herbology. (a better word to be used, would be enslaved, not besieged, but I wanted to be nice)
That’s it for now.
Until next time, have a nice day.

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