The Human Race

Hello there earthlings,

Today I will talk about the Human Race, its prowess, and status in the 9 bloodlined Beast Realm.
The Human Race has a rather stable, but average status in this realm.
Besides the humans on the Ancestral Planet, there are others as well spread across the entire realm, some are unfortunately enslaved, or under the ruling of another race, while others control entire continents, or planets.
They number far less than the beasts, but they are resilient, flexible, quick in thinking, and easily adapting to new situations, which compared to the rather stiff beasts, offers them an unimaginable advantage.
Now, about their culture, if I were to start truly detailing the cultural traits of the Humans we’ve met with Sophia, I would need days of continuous writing, so I will keep it short, and general.
Their culture is varied, but a few themes, or traits, are ever-present:
Filial piety – humans resemble beasts in this regard, as most of them are heavily concerned about behaviour between relatives, especially parents and direct ancestors.
Being kind, helpful, respectful with them is taught from a young age.
Familial ties- besides the really corrupted ones, all human families/clans are helpful, and in close relations with their relatives. If one attacks a branch family, they wage war on the entire clan.
Preaching weakness – the humans know they are weak, they are born as frail, as the Flower of the Dawn, that blooms for 10 seconds, before withering away.
But due to their weakness, they are able to choose countless paths to be tread on, and among these paths, there are plenty that lead to greatness.
Humans can overcome their weakness with great efforts, and this great effort is ingrained in the teachings of their race.
The emperor, or divine clans of the human race rarely suffer great casualties, but almost every single casualty has been done, either due to overestimating themselves, and underestimating others or because infighting.
Most humans think that knowledge is humanity’s greatest weapon, thus why the Imperial Library was like Heaven to Sophia.
Thus, the humans in this realm, aren’t like the humans in Sophia’s novels from your planet, they don’t mock a profession, or a path, for they believe that each path has its strength.
Speaking about strength, the prowess of the Human Race, is staggering, and hard to be quantified.
Their cultivation methods stem from upper realm’s clans, sects, schools of thought, thus they have a smoother sailing on the road of cultivation, while being as varied as possible.
Soul cultivation, energy cultivation, body cultivation being the main cultivation paths, but each having countless branches, and types, thus being hard for another race to counter the armies of the Human Race, attribute wise, as the humans will likely possess soldiers from all the law branches possible.
Coupled with the imperialistic way of humans, where one of the stronger families creates a dynasty, and protects and develops the clans/families under its rule, the Human Race’s prowess is steadily improving.
Overall, the humans are dangerous for the natives of any realm, but thanks to the suppression of the heavenly laws, their use of energy and laws is sluggish, and they are affected in different ways.
But this suppression is almost null beginning with the 49th generation born in the realm, that’s why if the population of the Human Race would be higher, than the 9 bloodlined Beast Realm would have already changed owners, at least if help from upper realms wouldn’t come.
That’s it for now.
Have a nice day.

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