The Beast Race

Hello there earthlings,

Today I will talk about the race that is the native of this realm, the Beast Race.
The Beast Race originated from the 9 bloodline Realm Creator Beast Divinity, who was himself/herself (the gender is unknown and pointless, as at this level it’s easy to change it) a beast from one of the primordial realms (one of the earliest ever stable spaces that appeared and developed life)
Beasts in this realms infancy, where all instinctual, having no wisdom, but slowly, with the development of the realm in the space-time continuum area, they began developing wisdom, and intelligence.
At first, they were roaming, and developing with their true forms, the very first one to ascend to upper realms, were of the size of a galaxy or more.
But then, with more and more interaction, with stronger realms, they’ve realised, that they aren’t that close with the laws that they thought.
While their bloodline cultivation system is a thorough one, it’s too specialised, and it lacks flexibility, which brought both blessings, and calamities to the beasts.
When invaders came, they were easily outplayed by the invaders if they didn’t match their attributes, or skills properly, but this brought a blessing as well.
The beasts were forced to work together, thus uniting the whole realm, under the ruling of its imperial family, the 9 bloodlined beast tribe.
Even after eras, they were still reluctant to partake in genocide, and even though wars exist, subjugation was the main point of these wars, and not total eradication.
The beasts after several setbacks, went to take on, humanoid forms, as they were smaller, requiring less energy to maintain, while also being closer to the laws, having better reproduction ability, and many more benefits.
The beasts main traits are unity, bodily strength, and special innate abilities that are birthed by their bloodlines, together with their high intelligence.
Most beast realms across the multi-verse are full of tribes, kingdoms and empires, and there aren’t many sects, and temples as they don’t have a certain faith, other than believing in themselves, and their ancestors.
The beasts behaviour, just the same as any other race’s, it depends on the individual, and community.
Different individuals will have different behaviours, even though, a community or tribe, will present on a general level, the same behaviour.
Overall, the Beast Race, is a strong race, with plenty experts in the multi-verse, boasting a huge number of population, and a diverse culture that is indeed worthy to be studied.
That is not to say, that this is the case everywhere, due to the multi-verse, being, well… infinite, there are existential planes where beasts are beasts, or beasts are completely ascended spiritually, and emotionally.
And the races do differ in culture, ethics, behaviour depending from what kind of realm they’ve came from, and now that I mentioned that, I need to describe the realms ranking a bit better, but well, that’s another day’s work.
Until next time, have a nice day.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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