Dragon once more: Draconic tribes/lineages

Hello there earthlings,

This will be the last infographic I do about the lower realm inhabiting dragons, and draconic bloodlines.
Well, as I already said, most dragons aren’t that picky about their partners, so there are a lot of offshoot tribes out there, with draconic bloodlines, being called Draconic Tribes or Tribes with draconic lineages.
These tribes regardless of what kind of race they were originally, have climbed several steps on the ranking ladder after becoming draconic.
Dragons passing down their bloodlines to different races enhances said races overall strength, and usually overpowers their original bloodlines, if it doesn’t overpower it, that means that the original bloodline is on the same level as the dragon’s thus combining, becoming something superior. For example one of the top bloodlines out in the multiverse is the Divine Dragon and Phoenix bloodline.
Now back to our level, a draconic bloodline possessor gains an increase in power depending on the percentage they awaken.
Yes, you could go “But each bloodline is like that, nothing special” and you would be right, but one with draconic bloodlines can awaken both of them, each strengthening the other.
For example, humans are known to have countless bloodlines in them, the human bloodline being relative weak battle power wise, but it has high reproductive capability, and high comprehension.
Now, let’s say a normal healthy human being has a power level of 10, if he awakens 0,5% of draconic bloodline, it will become 1000 times stronger.
Continuing the awakening process until 100% gives more and more strength, depending on the quality of the bloodline, even different abilities.
Now, at 100%, depending on the quality, one could simply improve it, or purify it.
Purifying it, loses a high percentage of the bloodline in your body, but upgrades it’s quality, making it purer (duuh) and stronger, increasing the chances of awakening special abilities.
Now, there are countless such tribes, I won’t describe all of them, but I can say, that they are strong, and often sport at least one feature of the dragons, be it scales, horns, wings, draconic tails, eyes, voice, or breath.
It’s not that hard to identify them.
That will be all for today, until next time, have a nice day.

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