Dragons once more: Elemental Dragons

Hello there earthlings,

The author notified me, that even though there wasn’t any feedback to the previous post on dragons, he’s sure that you would love more, so here I am, to tell more about them.
Now, there are plenty of dragons going around, I will start with the ones you should read about in the story the author is writing, albeit, if he’s inspiration is the same as Sophia’s writing, then you won’t get much about them.
So, first of all, we have a big group of dragons, the Elemental Dragons.
Pretty obvious, right?
Fire dragons- dragons adept at using fire laws (and anything closely related to fire), relatively warm coloured (different shades of red, orange are the common ones, but there could be mutations, like dark blue, light purple and so on).
Their behaviour is rather straightforward
Water Dragons- dragons adept at using water laws (and anything closely related to water), relatively cold coloured (different shades of blue, and whiteish blue, mutations can exist toxic green for example).
Their behaviour is usually calm, friendly
Wind Dragons- dragons adept at using wind laws (and anything closely related to wind), they come in different shades of green, grey, and white, rare mutations could show lightning blue, and grey with black scales.
Their behaviour is eccentric, being rather carefree
Earth Dragons – dragons adept at using earth laws (and anything closely related to earth),
they come in different shades of brown, yellow, red, and black, rarely in bright red, or ashen grey.
Their behaviour is rather straightforward, but they are introverts, spending most of their time underground.
Wood dragons – dragons adept at using wood laws (and anything closely related to wood),
they come in different shades of green.
Their behaviour is friendly, they are benevolent, willingly helping others in their territories, with nothing asked in return.
But none of this information is general, but rather majority based, the exception aren’t low in number, so this is more like a guiding information, not a factual one.
These are the elemental dragons, and as you can see there can be misunderstanding if you classify them solely on their colour.
Each of them are massive, but the biggest one are the Earth Dragons and Wood Dragons, both being usually wingless dragons in their true form, while the other elemental dragons are winged.
Wind Dragons rarely stop flying, and they love heights, while Water and Fire Dragons are always close to a place abundant in their respective attribute essences.
I will stop here, but will come back with more information on dragons.
Until then, have a nice day.

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