The Dragon Race

Hello there earthlings,

I am back after some time, or maybe not, I am not sure how the time works for you, and me, but it’s different, that’s for sure.
Today, I will talk about Dragon Race, and it’s status, prowess in the 9 bloodlined Beast Realm, mostly because I realised, that people in your realm, are fascinated by dragons, thus I will start the description of the inhabitants of the realm we are currently in, with this race, while I may do this in this manner, with the other races as well.
First of all, I would like to say, I can totally understand your interest, and love towards dragons.
Majestic creatures, of size you can barely imagine, most of them are also as wise, if not wiser than humans, being talented in cultivation as well.
Only set-back they have is slow cultivation, and low reproduction ability when it’s about bloodline purity.
Low meaning a couple dozen offspring with pure bloodline, not none, also they are lustful due to enormous bloodline energy, so they kind of do it with anything that moves, or not.
Not all of them are that lustful, it’s mostly fire, lightning, darkness attributed dragons that have overly lustful tendencies, but my personal opinion, all beasts have an increased libido, to balance the long gestation period, and relatively low reproduction rate.
While dragons also have innate “dual cultivation techniques” which basically means, they are naturally making a circulation between them, and their coitus partner, thus exchanging essences.
This means, they can gain attributes, or powers from those they mate with, it’s nothing too fancy, or complicated, I just want to clarify, so that their lustful tendencies gain a bit of reasoning.
Now let’s talk properly about them.
They are a top tier race in every single realm, originated from the Divine Dragon Realm, a top-tier realm.
Their main positive qualities are strong physiques, innate affinity towards one or more laws, long lifespans, and humongous sizes.
On the other side of the spectrum, most of the dragon types are easy to corrupt in a way or another, albeit they will rarely betray their tribe, planet, or realm.
They are prideful enough to make them weak against psychological tactics, despite being wise.
Despite being also greedy for treasures, they are respected for their actions of preserving the safety of their territories, and even outside of them.
Often, dragons are first in line to fight beast tides, and foreign invaders such as demons, devils, ghosts, or other entities not native to the planet/realm.
From the dragons I’ve met, I could feel their depravedness but also their pride, and heroic spirit… Sophia told me not to judge a person after just a couple of their actions, and truth be told, after long years of seeing, and hearing the deeds of the dragons on the Ancestral Planet… they are not evil, nor bad, they are simply… themselves.
More about the dragons, they have a lot of tribes, lot of branches, lot of subsidiaries, and despite being awfully arrogant with those beneath them in rank, they would give their life to protect them, as protecting their subjects equals to them as protecting their own honour.
Sophia ignored many stories about dragons, because, I quote “Cliché, stories about dragons are so cliché, I may mention them in some annexes down the line if they truly do something remarkable”
I vetoed this decision but to no avail, long story short, the dragons might be weak on the Ancestral Planet due to the planet and the realm itself being on its last breaths, but the race of dragons, is full of mighty heroes, and you should expect to see more of them in the future.
Their status is that of a top-tier power in this realm, while their prowess is nothing to be ignored either.
They are a patriarchal race, with Dragon Kings/Emperors being the rules of the tribes, but they do have elder councils as well, to share the burden of ruling.
Until next time, have a nice day.

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