Hello there earthlings,

I’ve come to talk today, about strength.
What is strength?
Strength is the trait one should possess to overcome different situations.
Strength, is not measured solely in battle prowess, there are plenty of other types of strength, but in the vast multi-verse, the ultimate beneficiary of these types, is one’s battle prowess.
Your beauty, your wit, your will, your grit, your ambition, your desire, your abilities, your friends, your family, your background, your potential/talent, your luck/fate, your intelligence, wisdom, hatred, pain, lust and so many more traits, all of these can prove to be your source of strength.
Let’s be serious, even your vices can be turned into strength, if you really want to.
All these traits, can potentially lead to strength, and it will be that type of strength, and why are these traits, your source of strength?
Because these are fuels, fuels that will light up the fire to press forward, or to fall and burn.
Everyone has a trait, that can be used as fuel, be it positive or negative, even those that think that they are overall average.
You don’t have anything special about you? Nothing you are good at nor bad at? Polish this trait, and know as much of as many things you possibly can, then play upon your bleakness, and achieve greatness.
Countless leader figures were nobodies in early days, solving the dirty problems, or the public problems of tribes, before slowly, but surely reaching great heights.
Their best trait was their stability, not being outstanding, protected them from being targeted by big events.
Sophia, the author, and I, always note the fact that the 9 bloodlined realm is a low realm, and is weak, yet we struggle to do everything that needs to be done.
This is because strength, is always relative, comparing ourselves to the upper and top realms, is like comparing the light of a firefly to a great star, they aren’t even in the same state of existence.
That is not to say, that you should compare yourself with the weaker ones, that leads to no good, but rather, it is to say, that comparisons are just that comparisons, one shouldn’t lose hope, as those that do better than us, shouldn’t be unsurmountable obstacles, but rather bright goals, that we can never lose sight of.
This is something that a lot of newbies in the cultivation world forget, during the long years of life, who knows when fate will lead you to a greater destiny?
Never giving up, is the trait that is not necessarily bringing strength to you, but for sure, will let you be proud of yourself.
That’s it for today, I felt good, talking about this topic.
Until next time, have a nice day.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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