Details: Theory about why the realms are different

Hello there earthlings,

If you have or haven’t read yet the book, I’ve already mentioned the differences between the realms are staggering, due to the qualitative energy differences.
Due to this, a fully mature planet, with an above average fate, and lifespan, will be billions of times bigger in mature realms, than in your Earth Realm.
First of all, just simply think about this topic, like you are in a strategy game of yours.
The difference between a starter unit, and a late-game unit is the resources you need for “creating” or “training” said unit. Its basic attributes, will almost always be of a higher quality than those of early/starter units.
Well, the resources for the formations of a planet, are space dust, other materials, gravity, and different other forces.
First of all, it’s hypothesized that the early form of a planet is a planetesimal, a congregation of space dust, dirt, matter in general, but what if even this planetesimals are the size of proper planets or even bigger? Isn’t it normal that the planet formed from the merging of several planetesimals is bigger?
Physics as a whole works differently here, now bear with me, I am not an astrophysicist/physicist/ scientist or any kind of specialist, nor do I have a thorough understanding of it, it’s just what I’ve studied after connecting to the “internet”.
So, here gravity, is stronger realm/universe wise, the pulling force is stronger, the density of the matter that gathers together thus is higher, the quality purer. (and no, we haven’t curled all up in a ball, due to the stronger gravity)
But here comes the catch, in Earth Realm, when the mass of a planet starts exceeding a limit, its oceans start to boil, while the atmosphere itself becomes steamy, gaseous, and its growth rate is many times higher than the growth rate of the solid part of planet, thus forming a gas giant. A gaseous planet.
Now, things are different here, and in other mature realms. The quality of solid matter is higher, the core of a planet is stronger, the electromagnetic field stronger, everything is on a whole different level.
The limit on where the oceans should start to boil is increased exponentially, the growth rates of the solid part of a planet are still higher than the growth rate of its atmosphere.
Thus, the birth of planets such as The Ancestral Beast Planet, which is billions or trillions bigger than Earth is possible.
How is it possible exactly? I can’t say for sure, here it is taken as something normal, so it wasn’t studied, as science doesn’t even exist, at least not in the form you earthlings know it.
Theories done by some eccentrics suggest simply that the source of the possibility of such a creation is in the study of energy, and laws. Well, this unfortunately means nothing to you.
Sophia simply came up with the theory of Quality, which states, that the existence of beings, and matter, can continuously be upgraded in quality, reaching higher heights.
Her example was simple, she weighted around 54 kilograms back on Earth, her height increased by almost two dozen centimetres and is still increasing, her body shape got different indeed.
Her body was perfect, beautiful, and after training, her muscles got more pronounced, but they were toned, they didn’t make her look like a muscle-head. Yet, she weighs probably more than a continent and closer to a planet as of now, and that weight will surely increase.
Yet, she doesn’t crumble under the hundreds times stronger gravity that is here than it was on Earth.
She also tested different materials, the fruits she eats, the lightest fruit is several kilograms, and is the size, of a single piece of grape. (because it’s a piece of grape)
A leaf from any random tree, weighs almost a hundred kilograms, despite being a bit bigger than those on Earth, it still silently and flawlessly floats when falling, and not taking a sharp nose dive.
A handful of dirt is several hundred kilograms… and so on.
The entirety of matter, and structure is different here. The laws of physics still apply here, but on a different scale, with different formulas.
This is just Sophia’s theory, and it’s still a theory here, for you, for the Earth Realm, it may not even be a theory, but a joke, so take it as such.
Until the next time, have a nice day.

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