Primordial Beasts

Hello there earthlings,

Just as I’ve said, today, I will be explaining a bit, about the origins, history, and traits of the Primordial Beasts, in this 9 bloodlined Beast Realm, but even on a general, multi-verse level as well.
In its early days, the 9 bloodlined Beast Realm, was just like any other Beast Race controlled realm in its infancy, fully focused on bloodline enhancement, purifying, and of course mastering the abilities birthed by it.
They were solely using their true forms, as back then, the other races have yet to begun properly appearing on the realm-wide scene. (this doesn’t mean they didn’t already exist, or appeared in the realm)
Back then, the beasts slept, ate, some with ties to higher realms, got their hands on cultivation techniques, and cultivated, but besides these, the main activity in early days, was waging wars.
For resources, for territory, and most importantly, for energy source, and food.
Resources are resources, they can give a huge amount of energy, and help, but nothing is as full of energy, than a being that practiced, cultivated, and ingested who knows how many of these resources.
So, waging wars, eradicating entire smaller tribes, just for the sake of acquiring food, was the norm.
Of course, after a certain cultivation stage was achieved, the need for food was lowered, but that, back then, was the case, just for those, who had at least, a top quality, if not better, cultivation method.
For those from poor lineages, destroyed tribes, randomly sent to the realm, through wormholes, even if they were of a high enough stage, they would continue to massacre others, in sake of furthering their cultivation. (to them, you can add evil bloodlines, who use other beings, as sacrifices to their cultivation techniques)
They didn’t dwell too much, on different laws, mastering a bloodline ability, or more, was more than enough for them. This way, the risk of getting lost (losing mind, losing wisdom), was low.
Not a surprise, that, that period, was called, the Primeval Eras.
Now, flashforward, for the first cataclysm, Realm Ending Event, and the 9 bloodlined Beast Realm, meets elves, vampires, kun-pengs, dragons, celestials, and many more races, all in an humanoid form.
With their true forms, the beats, wreck havoc on the battlefield, but they soon realise, that they can’t quickly beat, the opponents experts, and that, their energy consumption is ridiculously high, compared to the enemy’s, and due to this, they decided, to start, and develop humanoid forms as well.
This trend gets cemented, and becomes the norm, after hundreds of generations later, after the end of the second cataclysm, after that, each newborn beast, is born, in humanoid form.
Being in humanoid form, not only lowers the energy consumption, increases the ease of refining the energy’s quality, but also increases the affinity towards sensing the laws, thus giving another weapon to the beasts, that can be used in battles, other than their innate abilities. (albeit, for the low, mid, and even some half-step top tier tribes, the main bulk of the tribesmen are simply using, bloodline abilities, together with energy cultivation, law understanding, and enlightenment, being way too hard, without talent).
But, it’s not all just benefits, when it comes to the humanoid form, you would think, that it improves so much, it should be overall positive change, and more or less, you would be right, but the fate, balances things out, sooner, or later, thus, it increased the risks, of getting into deviation, while cultivating.
This, means even during energy cultivation, not just law enlightenment period.
Sophia, and I, deduced, that this most likely due, to their innate opposition, towards learning different laws, other than those that their bloodline, is aligned with.
She also commented, that they aren’t used to soul cultivation, thus the laws, can strain their soul, and knock out their spirit, rendering them, mindless beasts forever, or for a while. (while here equals hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years as the “losing the mind” usually occurs between 3rd to 4th stage passage, or 4th to demigodhood, that’s why their lifespans are so long)
Now, the beasts, who’ve lost their wisdom, are called Primordial Beasts, due to the fact that:
-they are only in their true forms
-they are completely controlled by their instincts
Just like how their ancestors were, back in the early days.
Primordial beasts races/tribes, are just as many, as many beasts tribes there are.
Most mid to top tier, and top-tier beast tribes, have a forbidden ground, where they keep the primordial beasts, but those without enough strength, and a too high population, release their brethren, that have lost themselves, out into the world.
Nowadays, the Primordial Beasts are used as staple food, and sharpening tool, for the skills of the youth, as, Primordial Beasts can’t achieve demigodhood, or a proper breakthrough, without wisdom, but they continuously, accumulate energy, strengthening their bodies, and bloodline, thus being, perfect, to be used as a training, but again, don’t think, they are weak.
It’s an erroneous way of thinking, to believe, that due to their recession, towards their more, primeval state, is a downgrade in strength.
Their bloodline powers, and bodies, are often stronger, than what, their tribesmen counterparts, can achieve.
There are plenty of Primordial Beasts, that we’ve encountered, there were some, that regained their wisdom, but refused to take on their old humanoid form, there were others, that started going into the ancestral direction even more, awakening their bloodlines, to peaks, that their tribes, from which they came from, could never imagine.
Sophia, and Caedes, used Primordial Beasts, as food, a lot, but Sophia always respected them, and gave them quick deaths.
Now, on a whole different level, exactly, on the multi-verse level, the Beast Race, and the Primordial Beasts, are one and the same, in the eyes, of most realms, and other races.
They have two explanations for this.
One: they just say, that the intelligent ones, have a purer bloodline (which is completely wrong), but due to the fact, that Primordial Beasts are widespread, while the Beast Race has its own territory, it’s not a surprise, that the other races middle, and lower class, are unaware of the difference. (again, I am speaking, from a general, point of view, there are plenty of exceptions, but due to the staggering difference between, the general knowledge, and the partial knowledge, I am forced to talk, from this perspective).
Two, the Beast Race, and the Primordial Beasts, walk different paths, the Beast Race, combines law enlightenment, with their innate body strength, while the Primordial Beasts, develop even further, their bodily advantages. ( not that bad, but still not accurate)
That’s it.
Have a nice day.

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