Finally some free time

Hello there earthlings,

Seemingly a couple a days have passed for you… but for me it has been hundred of years travelling with Sophia…
From what I’ve read of the book this author wrote, he didn’t even cover these travels… so it’s pointless to talk about this to you.
But time is such a fickle creature, for you a few days, for me, a couple centuries… the time differences are so stark, and it may not even be due to time dilatation, but simply because I am talking through time without knowing it.
Truth be told it makes sense, as Sophia was taken by me close to that period of time I am writing for now.
It such an interesting time, sadly you have it hard as well, but at least, you have entertainment in your rooms.
Quite fascinating, you’ve went in a complete different direction with overall evolution, and strength is not that important… while entertainment is ever-present.
Admirable, although, it’s sad that you have so many things to enjoy, yet your lifespans are comparable to an unawakened blade of grass.
Next time I will talk a bit about Primordial Beasts, because I feel, it’s not that clear in Sophia’s and the authors, retelling.
Until then, have a nice day.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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