Yo there,

I am here today, to talk about character types, you know: foolhardy, stubborn, naive, pure, cunning, weak, strong, and most importantly, the one used in a lot of light novels overpowered.
My choice for the first novel published, was Sophia’s carefree, overpowered character in an indirect, passive way.
She’s there, to shine light upon others. She’s there to unearth the talent of others, to show the way to greatness to others, while she’s far ahead of any hero, but remains unknown.
This, is my philosophy, I dislike the “oh, trouble, let’s jump in” kind of attitude, I’ve been consuming for the last 2 decades.
Heroes here, heroes there, ” save the day” everywhere.
Don’t get me wrong, Sophia in the end also helps people, but she doesn’t saves directly the world, nor the realm, nor the country. Heck, even when she is directly involved, she lets Atlas do it, thus gaining the merit for it, at least publicly.
Even like this, Sophia isn’t the perfect representation of my philosophy, I’ve yet to craft that story.
Now, I am rather curious/interested, in building a truly overpowered character, or a truly “i don’t give a crap” character, I don’t know which yet, maybe both.
I hope when this thread goes live, some of you will comment on it.
As of now, I have several story/short story ideas, as well as proper book ideas, and the others are simple short stories, at least for now.
Well, that was all, until next time, have an as eventful or eventless day, as you wished for.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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