Sophia’s Path

Hello there earthlings,

Well, I will try to explain what kind of different direction Sophia went in, regarding cultivation.
She deliberately wrote it at a later stage in me, but in reality, she considered going in this direction from the get-go, when Sir Treanor pointed out, that her body was completely changed, due to the overwhelming energy abundance.
She chose the path of manually sense every single cell inside her, and upgrade it… this is why I am in awe of her, while being angry at her.
She’s a prodigy in the sense of enlightenment, information gathering and problem solving, being not even 30% aware of her surrounding most of the time, yet she can deduce, and counter any situation she encounters.
And yet, she cares nothing about the well-being of the world, saying “It’s too bothersome” and ” What should be will be, I don’t need to meddle”…
Ahem, that’s not the point. Her path strengthens her body constantly, in an ordered manner, her individual cells being able to hold as much energy as an entire mortal being, when she was at the peak 2nd stage.
This is the reason she’s also sealed… due to the immense density, stability of structure of her cells, her body weight is constantly increasing… let’s just say that in this manner, she could shatter space and time by just slowly raising her hand, in a couple of eras.
This doesn’t mean she’s safe, even in the best case scenario, only the living ancestors of the tribes can kill her easily, but in reality, she deduced, that there are at least a few million experts that are able to kill her, thus the reason, why she tries hard to be as inconspicuous as she can be.
She’s can be labelled as strong, but her path requires time to bloom.
Why is this different than body cultivation or bloodline cultivation?
Well, she isn’t upgrading her body as a whole, but each cell individually, thus gaining a minute control over her powers, nor she is focusing solely on her bloodline, and bloodline related physical attributes.
This approach would be impossible without cooperating with me, as she wouldn’t have time to focus on laws at all… but she solved that problem as well.
She cut her soul in two, nourishing it for years, before giving a task to each of the halves. One should continue focusing on nourishing the cells, while the other should comprehend the laws.
I don’t know where the book of the author ends, but the two halves got stronger than the original soul, by the time she encountered the perfected tribulation.
Sophia’s carefree, casual, and not caring on the surface, but she is afraid of everything, and has plans for almost anything… she brought quite a number of such plans from her previous world.
I know what she went through, but damn, she spent years simulating different situations back on Earth. No wonder she wasn’t surprised when I took her here.
That’s it for now, after this, I will start describing things, that Sophia hid, or thought that weren’t important, so she didn’t mention it in her stories.
Have a nice day.

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