The other realms

Hello there earthlings,

So I will start today to explain how, and why, the other realms are different than yours.
The inherent difference that there is, is due to the maturity of the realm.
I can’t say for sure for every single realm around the Earth Realm, but a couple hundred, are at least low realms, several dozen are middle realms with plenty of upper realms connected to them, while even several top realms are in this space-time continuum.
The Earth Realm can’t even be considered a low realm as of now, as its first growth period hasn’t even finished yet.
The energy at the disposal of the other realm, is several classes higher both in quantity and quality, thus the structural composition of the matter is more stable, and much more complex.
The easiest way to explain this, is with eating.
Every living being has a way or another to take in a form of energy, absorb it, purify it, maybe change its nature, before using it.
This is called cellular respiration, transforming what we call “food” in energy.
What if you ate high calorie food continuously while also exercising, would you get stronger?
The answer is yes, simply because you would build muscle mass, which would increase your ability, depending on what kind of exercise you’ve been doing.
What if this high calorie food, would be everywhere, could be simply absorbed, and also, it would be of better quality than those on Earth?
Here comes in discussion, the different theory and understanding of energy, and cellular respiration from the mature realms.
Energy levels there, are ever increasing, upgrading, and evolving, due to this, the realms sometimes suffers from calamities that are a result of, some say the imbalances of energy levels and quantities across the realms, others say that they are a result of fate testing the realms, to see if it’s worthy of the energy it possesses.
If a realm survives, this sudden, chaotical surge of energy or different calamity, the quality of the realm shall improve.
Everything participates in the respiration process of energy, even “dead” objects, and that’s why, even mountains can gain consciousness, because said energy gives birth to spirits in these objects, bringing them to life.
Now, being a respiration, as you should also know, it means inhaling energy, and then exhaling energy, so the energy is not kept within the body of a being permanently, but it does wash over them, improving their constitution, soul automatically.
An exception to this, would be different cultivation methods that manipulate the breathing pattern of energy… and from here, I will continue next time.
Have a nice day.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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