Energy cultivation

Hello there earthlings,

I am back to talk more about how the other realms are different from yours.
I stopped last time at the cultivation techniques, that manipulate the pattern in which the energy moves through the body, and through the cells.
At first, each kid starts with a rudimentary, general cultivation technique, that simply, pulls in more and more energy, improving their constitution, bloodline, powers etc. depending on their power system.
You can see the cultivation techniques as not only a guide, but also, as jailers, while the cells of the body are the executioners or predators of the captured energy.
The cultivation technique, brings in a higher quantity of the energy, while also keeping it in “one place”, the place being your body, your cells.
There, you can decide if you want to feed it to the cells, or purify them through refinement, which is a part that not every single cultivation method has, before feeding it to cells.
This is a reason why newbies can’t cultivate 24/7, they can’t concentrate to keep the energy stable and under control, not only that, but their bodies can’t handle continuous improvement either.
There is a saying in the realm we are now, that “Stable, steady steps, will bring you to the peak” , as it’s a beast lead realm, the average lifespan is in the tens of thousands, so hurrying is not for their benefit, especially since they have a harder time gaining enlightenment.
In this realm, the mainstream power system is bloodline cultivation, and I will explain, what this entails, soon enough.
Have a nice day until then.

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