Bloodline based power system

Hello there earthlings,

The power system prevalent in this realm is bloodline based.
This means, that one gathers energy which focuses on purifying and enhancing their bloodline, rather than other parts of their bodies.
This doesn’t mean that the body won’t be fortified, as the improvement of the bloodline, causes the improvement of the body, it’s one and the same, the difference that there could be, is that different bloodlines, enhance different aspects of the body, in different ratios.
From my previous post, you would think that, “Well, that’s not bad, with such a long life, they can sit around, meditate for a few hours each day, and still get strong, due to the accumulation of energy”.
You would be right, but wrong. Gathering energy, especially in bloodline, or rather, generally in body focused power systems, has an exponential requirement.
The higher stage you are, the more you need (this is a duuuh, moment, I know, but bear with me a bit)
After a stage, usually a rather early one, when you are clearly much more different than the “mortals” , you will need enlightenment.
Why? Because you would be clueless how to purify your bloodline, and on what you should focus on.
Higher quality bloodlines, have higher quality “guidelines”, thus you can reach a higher level before encountering a block, we call, a bottleneck.
A turtle tribe should know they have to enhance the defensive properties of their bloodlines, but what if they have inherited a recessive trait from somewhere that was activated by cultivating, and this trait requires heavy offensive approaches. For example most races in the 9 bloodlines realm, may have traces of draconic blood, due to the Draconic Era, when the dragons were one of the top 3 races, their bloodline, spreading to every single tribe (they are indeed rather lustful, but this is due to a special quality of their, which allows power exchange between the partners… erm, a natural dual-cultivation technique, if you want a technical term for it, and also, they really enjoy it)
So, with hidden aspects, one could be from a prominently fire based tribe, yet unable to cultivate fire techniques, due to inheriting another bloodline power, from a distant ancestor.
This is the reason why, it’s rare to find someone that can continuously cultivate, the insights necessary for this, are enormous, while also being dangerous for the mental health of a being.
As a simplified conclusion, I would describe the bloodline system, as a targeted body cultivation, highly focused on familial ties, bloodline compatibility, and bodily strength.
While using their inherited powers to use the laws, thus having a lower understanding of it (as the bloodlines have different transmitted percentages of the understanding of a law), from there coming the big difference between what Sophia can do, and what the beasts can do, but Sophia is an exception, and I will tell you later on why is that.
For now, this is it, I will try to continue to explain bloodlines the next time I have free time.
Until then, have a good day.

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