Why do I write?

Yo there,

I’ve been asked by a couple friends, and parents as well, several times already this question
Why do I write? It brings no money, I do nothing with my stories, they just keep wasting space on my PC.
Well, I usually just shrug, and say, I like it, and that’s the sole reason I am writing, and it’s true.
I simply enjoy, jotting down my random, ridiculous ideas, and transform the ones I am able to into proper stories.
I have always been a weirdo, both behaviour and thinking, when reading something, I tried finding something that stood out, and tried to justify its existence.
Antagonist is pure evil? Why? Can’t we always find a way to actually acknowledge that in a way or another, in a twisted or not manner, what the evil villain tries to do, is, somewhat reasonable?
My mind is always burning questions like “Why?”, “Why though?” , “This could be done in a different way, right?” and so on.
If I didn’t write some of these things down, and develop them into stories, I would go even crazier than I already am.
And before, anyone points out that “Ahm actually, you could’ve joined forums, blogs, groups of writers and post your stories. Also there are sites for this. Also, also, you put a price on your book, so you aren’t writing out of simple pure intentions”
You would be right, totally, but, I have trust issues regarding my books, due to being screwed over once regarding my very first novel publishing, when I was around 15-17 (take that period as a whole, because it took so much to publish a measly 40k words book…) so publishing my ideas randomly online? Hard-pass, at least for now.
But indeed, my intentions aren’t pure enough, I still need to earn something, as to survive, although I am aware that, that is at least 10 books away from now, because from 1 book, I ain’t even making enough for the weekly spending.
Although, I will be frank with you all, I am mostly writing for myself, I read a lot, learnt a lot alone about storytelling, and I am eager to try out if my ideas are interesting.
Also, I really enjoy writing, it brings me peace and happiness.
My main goal is to be able to bring joy with my stories to the readers, just the same as I smile, or forget about the stressful things when I read.
Wanted to get this out of my system, even if nobody reads this.
Until next time, have an as eventful or eventless day as you wished for.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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