Snippet from the book

Yo there,

Following advices here, I am going to put a little part of one of the earlier chapters in the book here, to give you all a sample, of what kind of stuff is going on.
Of course I am also going to explain what happens in the scene.

After a week of taking care of the kids we’ve saved, the oldest one started waking up. I glanced up and continued reading my book.
-Wh-who are you?
The boy asked me.
-Don’t you remember my face? I was on the back of the big turtle.
The boy gasped then bowed and shakily said.
-Th-thanks for s-sa-saving us, mr-mrs, lad-lady…
-You can call me Sophia, don’t fret.
The boy exhaled and tried to compose himself.
-Lady Sophia, I…
-Drop the Lady, just call me Sophia, it’s enough that everyone I meet calls me Lady, it’s bothersome.
-Under-understood S-s-Sophia. I feel stronger than before did, did you do something?
-I’ve fed you with yin-yang honey, and some other nice sweets.
 Don’t worry, I took care of your siblings as well, their dosage of course was smaller.
-Thank you Sophia!
-That was the first proper sentence you’ve said. So tell me a bit about yourself, if you feel alright about it.
He fidgeted, looked everywhere, but at me, took a glance at his siblings, before taking a big sigh, looked up at me, and started telling his story.
-I am Ebur Draconianum, my two little sisters are Bigna and Gemini Draconianum.
-Oh, nice the Dragon Elephant tribe. Weren’t you supposed to be eradicated in the war against the draconic bloodlines by the other tribes? The pure blooded dragons ignored it, and the other tribes fearing the draconic bloodlines potential eradicated every single tribe with dragon blood. Only exceptions were the Dragon Whale Tribe and the Dragon Ant Tribe. All the others were either killed or driven into madness and made into primordial beasts. Some escaped, but most of them became mounts and war beasts. Well, at least on land.
How nice that you also survived.
I said smilingly, while thinking “How cliché, of course that they escape the pursuit somehow”.

So, in this scene, the main character saves a young boy, with twin babies on his back from certain doom, as his tribe was eradicated by brutal nomads.
The action takes place on The Prairie, a large grassland, plain, that can’t be properly occupied, due to being hard to make defendable positions.
The MC’s mount goes and kills off all the barbarians, that didn’t even spare the elderly, the ill, women and the kids, but sadly it’s too late, the only survivors being the young boy, and the twins.
The MC knows this was fated, as it always happens in novels, and she knows that the kids are destined to be great, that’s why she says bothersome, but, alas she’s too kindhearted to leave them there, or give them to someone else, so she takes them in, and starts to teach them.
As for the tribes, the draconic lineage and all these terms, there will be clarifications in later posts, that are already written, just waiting for the good time to be published.

That’s it, have an as eventless or eventful day, as you wished for.

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